Zebrahead - Enemy


Текст песни Zebrahead - Enemy

If I died. would you notice?
Would you even care?
Take everything that
you want from me
Strip me till you get your fill
spilled the pill to kill the pain
I cannot fight the you taking over me
Ride the tide wide and slide tight right inside my vein
Sign me up a 12'step recovery
Keep me high by and by
scream a lullaby to stay
I need a shot of something to set me free
Pound a round
drown your sound sleep
the day away
And it really don't take that much to bleed
It really don't take that much

She is my bad habit
feels like my own disease
Sleeping with the enemy
She is my bad habit
Consuming all of me
Sleeping with the enemy

So throw me on the wagon.
I'm going to break
Adore me more on the floor and

score the pain you inflict
I'm running out of my pills that I can take
Forsake my fake bellyache
I think I'm going to be sick
Anticipate the rush coming over me
Control my roll, stole my soul
and I took two to the head
I got to have what you keep giving to me

Call your bluff tuff enough and
I'm better off dead
It don't lake that much to bleed
It really don't take that much


Taking over. infecting me
My veins are filled with her
She's slowly killing
Taking over, infecting me
My veins are filled with her
She's slowly killing me
It really don't lake that much to bleed
and She keeps my ring upon her finger and a knife up her sleeve
When her lips are always loaded and she's gunning for me
It really don't take that much!


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