Zebrahead - Let It Ride

Let It RideZebrahead3:11

Текст песни Zebrahead - Let It Ride

Let it ride
How did everything get messed up?
Let it go
Now I got myself all stressed out
Hold on to my hand, I'll show you where to go
Take you anywhere you want to go
Take a ride
Now that everything is fucked up
Take it slow
And I got you all stressed out
It's out of your hands and I know you wanted more
What did you want it...
Four shots of Jack just to relax and get my head straight
Wait for a sign a reason not to escape
Meditate, point break, mistake
Cigarette burns while my hand shakes
You can't go back
Tomorrow brings another day Another chance, some other way
And time won't stop for you
Not even if you want it to
Let it ride

Try to tell myself to hold on
Let it go
But I always to let myself down
Thought that you had it down but now you just don't know
Bottom dropped
I spun so fast that I lost my bearings
Gather myself while everyone is staring
Have been asleep while my patience runs thin
Damn, what the fuck did I get myself in
And I miss my best friend
Cause we don't hang out anymore
I'm gonna sit and watch the waves crash on the shore
Break my fall and I'm just gonna kick it on the floor
Repeat Chorus And I stopped keeping score
Is that what you're looking for?
And I stopped keeping score
Start over
(x2) Repeat Chorus

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