ZZ Top - Goin Down to Mexico

Текст песни ZZ Top - Goin Down to Mexico

I was on my way down to mexico,

there was trouble on the rise.

it was nothing more than Id left behind,

which was much to my surprise.

I turned around and lit a cigarette

wiped the dust off of my boots.

when up ahead I saw the crowd,

I knew it was no use.

Its been the same way for oh so long,

it looks like Im singing the same old song.

A fine and fancy man was he,

doing good things for the poor.

givin rides in his rockin eighty-eight for free.

they could not hope for more.

when it came my turn he said to me,

have I seen your face before?

I said, oh no, you must be wrong,

Im from a distant shore.

So if you dont mind, Ill just move along

but it looks like Im singin the same old song.

A nineteen forty movie star

with a long forgotten name.

she was a sexy mess in her pleated dress,

still hangin on to fame.

with forgotten lines she missed her cue

and left a glass of wine at home.

she was singin the same song that I was.

could we both be wrong?

So hand in hand we walked along,

each of us singin the same old song.

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