Beatles The - The Get Back Journals III

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Beatles The
Beatles The
1-1Martha My Dear/San Francisco Bay BluesBeatles The
1-2The Day I Went To School/Woman/Cocaine Blues/Flushed From The Bathrom Of Your Heart/On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)Beatles The
1-3Definitely Inclined Towards ItBeatles The
1-4Another Day/Two Of UsBeatles The
2-1Don't Let Me Down/Two Of Us/Window, WindowBeatles The
2-2I'm Talking About You/Let It Be/(Take Another) Piece Of My Heart/Little Yellow Pills/Great Balls Of FireBeatles The
2-3Don't Let The Sun Catch You CryingBeatles The
2-4SuicideBeatles The
2-5Dig It/Act Naturally/Two Of UsBeatles The
2-6JamBeatles The
2-7Geh Raus/I've Got A Feeling/Rainy Day Women #12 & 35Beatles The
2-8Please Please Me/The One After 909/Hava NagilaBeatles The
2-9Moving Along The River Rhine/The Long And Winding Road/The Inner LightBeatles The
2-10Let It Down/Dig ItBeatles The
2-11Vacation Time/Maybe BabyBeatles The
2-12Dig ItBeatles The
2-13Get BackBeatles The
2-14I've Got A FeelingBeatles The
2-15Two Of UsBeatles The
2-16For You BlueBeatles The
2-17Two Of UsBeatles The
2-18I Lost My Little GirlBeatles The
3-1All Things Must PassBeatles The
3-2JamBeatles The
3-3ImprovisationBeatles The
3-4Get BackBeatles The
3-5Let It BeBeatles The
3-6Let It BeBeatles The
3-7London Bridge Is Falling Down/Let It Be/Take This Hammer/For You Blue/Early In The MorningBeatles The
3-8Let It Be/A Hard Rain's A-Gonna FallBeatles The
3-9Two Of Us/Bye Bye Love/Two Of UsBeatles The
3-10Two Of UsBeatles The
3-11Let It Be/You Really Got A Hold On MeBeatles The
3-12JamBeatles The
3-13Jam/Dig ItBeatles The
4-1Don't Let Me Down/Dig A Pony/Don't Let Me DownBeatles The
4-2Let It Down/Brown Eyed Handsome Man/I've Got A Feeling/Child Of Nature/I Shall Be ReleasedBeatles The
4-3Don't Let Me Down/I've Got A FeelingBeatles The
4-4I've Got A FeelingBeatles The
4-5I've Got A FeelingBeatles The
5-1Speak To Me/I've Got A FeelingBeatles The
5-2I've Got A FeelingBeatles The
5-3I've Got A Feeling/Don't Let Me DownBeatles The
5-4Don't Let Me DownBeatles The
6-1Well, All Right/All Things Must Pass/Two Of UsBeatles The
6-2Two Of UsBeatles The
6-3Paul's Piano Piece/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Let It Be/Taking A Trip To CarolinaBeatles The
6-4Please Mrs Henry/Ramblin' Woman/I Bought A Picasso/Taking A Trip To Carolina/Hey Jude/All Things Must PassBeatles The
7-1Get BackBeatles The
7-2Teddy BoyBeatles The
7-3Two Of UsBeatles The
7-4Dig A PonyBeatles The
7-5I've Got A FeelingBeatles The
7-6The Long And Winding RoadBeatles The
7-7Let It BeBeatles The
7-8Don't Let Me DownBeatles The
7-9For You BlueBeatles The
7-10Get BackBeatles The
7-11The WalkBeatles The
7-12Get BackBeatles The
7-13Get BackBeatles The
7-14Don't Let Me DownBeatles The
7-15I've Got A FeelingBeatles The
7-16The One After 909Beatles The
7-17Dig A PonyBeatles The
7-18I've Got A FeelingBeatles The
7-19Don't Let Me DownBeatles The
7-20Get BackBeatles The
7-21Gilly Gilly Ossenpfeffer Katzenellen Bogen By The SeaBeatles The
8-1The One After 909Beatles The
8-2Link TrackBeatles The
8-3Save The Last Dance For MeBeatles The
8-4Don't Let Me DownBeatles The
8-5Dig A PonyBeatles The
8-6I've Got A FeelingBeatles The
8-7Get BackBeatles The
8-8For You BlueBeatles The
8-9Teddy BoyBeatles The
8-10Two Of UsBeatles The
8-11Maggie MaeBeatles The
8-12Dig ItBeatles The
8-13Let It BeBeatles The
8-14The Long And Winding RoadBeatles The
8-15Get Back (Reprise)Beatles The
8-16For You BlueBeatles The
8-17Old Brown ShoeBeatles The
8-18SomethingBeatles The
8-19SomethingBeatles The
8-20How Do You Tell SomeoneBeatles The
8-21Old Brown ShoeBeatles The
8-22Maggie Mae/Fancy Me ChancesBeatles The

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