Culture club - Interview CD

Culture club
Culture club
1What's It Like To Be Back In Culture Club And How Are You All Getting On?Culture club2:59
2Why Now For The Reunion?Culture club2:51
3How Important Was That Element Of Theatre In Relation To Your Music?Culture club1:03
4George, Your Image Has Always Dominated The Band....Culture club1:01
5So Are The Rest Of You Guys Lads Then?Culture club0:23
6Does The Fact That The Rest Of You Are Dads Make You Feel Any More Responsible These Days?Culture club1:18
7What's The Main Difference Between Culture Club Then And Now?Culture club3:26
8Did You Get Back Together For The Money?Culture club1:49
9Jon, Most Of These Song Were Written About You And Your Relationship With George. Does That Make It Hard To Go Back To Them Now?Culture club2:08
10How Is The Relationship Between The Two Of You Nowadays?Culture club2:26
11What Went Wrong With Culture Club First Time Around?Culture club0:41
12Tell Us About The New Material In Your Set, Like The New Single 'I Just Want To Be Loved' ...Culture club4:59
13What Was The Inspiration For 'I Just Want To Be Loved' ?Culture club1:18
14Overall What Has Inspired Your Songwriting?Culture club1:10
15When You Started Culture Club, What Sort Of A Band Did You Want To Be?Culture club1:42
16Did You Other Three Guys Ever Feel That George Grabbed The Limelight At The Expense Of The Band?Culture club2:22
17The Dresses Have Gone But You've Kept The Hat And Dreadlocks. George, Is Dressing Up Still Very Important To You?Culture club1:02
18What Do You Remember As The Highlights Of Those Early Years?Culture club3:56
19How Are You Coping With Life On The Road Second Time Around?Culture club1:15
20What Was It Like To Walk Back On Stage After 13 Years?Culture club1:42
21Who Came To The Shows?Culture club0:48
22Why Did You Decide On 'Church Of The Poison Mind' As Your Opener And 'Karma Chameleon' As Your Encore?Culture club1:13
23You Have Another US Tour Lined Up For This Autumn, Then What?Culture club0:57
24How Much Of Your Life Is Now Taken Up With Culture Club And Are You Still Pursuing Other Projects?Culture club0:53
25What's The Latest News On The Film Of Your Autobiography, George?Culture club0:50
26If You Could Change Anything About Your Career, Would You?Culture club0:58
27ID For 'I Just Want To Be Loved' (Kiss)Culture club0:21
28ID For 'I Just Want To Be Loved' (Stay Tuned)Culture club0:20
29ID For 'I Just Want To Be Loved' (In Unison)Culture club0:21
30ID - Christmas & New YearCulture club0:14

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