Depeche Mode - Commemorative CD

Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode
1What got you into music and start a band?Depeche Mode0:40
2How did you meet Fletch and Martin?Depeche Mode0:18
3How did synthesisers end up becoming part of the band?Depeche Mode0:39
4What was il that lead you to want to leave Depeche Mode?Depeche Mode0:28
5Has the success of the group surprised you?Depeche Mode0:34
6Why do you think Depeche are so successful in Europe?Depeche Mode0:54
7Did the band's success in America surprise you?Depeche Mode0:32
8Can you recall your initial reaction upon hearing "Enjoy The Silence"?Depeche Mode1:22
9Did touring ever concern you, espacially when Depeche started getting bigger?Depeche Mode1:22
10How important do you think il was that the band completed "Ultra"?Depeche Mode1:11
11Where does "Exciter" find Depeche Mode?Depeche Mode1:48
12Why have they lasted the course for so long?Depeche Mode1:43
13What has working with the band meant to you?Depeche Mode1:30
14How did you first get involved with the band?Depeche Mode1:46
15Do you think your work fits well with Martin's music?Depeche Mode0:35
16How would you explain your relationship with Depeche Mode?Depeche Mode1:16
17What do you view as your best work?Depeche Mode1:12
18Do you have any favourite Depeche records?Depeche Mode0:27
19Can you remember the audition you had to take before joining the Depeche touring wagon following Vince's departure?Depeche Mode1:22
20Is it fair to say that the band were pioneers of sampling?Depeche Mode0:55
21Do you believe that the bands internal tensions during the recording of "Black Celebration was ultimately what made it such a great record?Depeche Mode1:08
22How did the band decide which tracks they would release as singles?Depeche Mode0:33
23What was the reason behind selecting the Pasadena Rose Bowl for the 101 concert?Depeche Mode1:05
24How do you recall the recording sessions for "Violator"?Depeche Mode1:45
25Were the band happy with ''Songs of Faith and devotion''?Depeche Mode0:58
26Do you feel proud of your time with Depeche Mode?Depeche Mode1:05
27Why do you think the Depeche phenomenon took off in the US?Depeche Mode1:37
28Can you recall your memories of the 101 gig?Depeche Mode1:24
29How did Depeche decide which singles to release from "Violator"?Depeche Mode1:28
30Looking back what memories do you have of recording "Ultra"?Depeche Mode0:46
31Does it bother you that the UK Press on the whole don't embrace you as much as their foreign counterparts?Depeche Mode0:49
32What influence do you think Depeche have had on music?Depeche Mode0:37
33Why have the band, and your success, lasted for so long?Depeche Mode0:48
34Who inspired you to want to join a band?Depeche Mode1:21
35Are there any defining moments that spring to mind when you reflect over the last 21 years?Depeche Mode0:39
36If there was one image to encapsulate your time with Depeche Mode, which one would il be?Depeche Mode0:37
37What would you say each of you bring Io the band?Depeche Mode1:38
38Are you conscious of not duplicating what you've done in the past? Does il gel harder as lime goes by?Depeche Mode0:26
39What sort of music were you listening to and being influenced by, prior to going into the studio to record "Exciter"?Depeche Mode0:45
40What sort of themes have been covered in "Exciter"?Depeche Mode0:24
41Which bands were inspiring you to want to be in a band?Depeche Mode0:21
42How would you sum up the relationship Depeche Mode have with their fans?Depeche Mode0:23
43How would you describe your present relationship with each other?Depeche Mode0:33
44You've suggested that Depeche are seen as outsiders. Would you have il any other way?Depeche Mode0:25
45In view of the bands history, how do you think you have managed to stay together?Depeche Mode1:05

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