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Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode
1-01Dream On VideoDepeche Mode
1-02Exciter EPK VideoDepeche Mode
1-03LyricsDepeche Mode
1-04Photo GalleryDepeche Mode
1-05BiographyDepeche Mode
1-06Album DiscographyDepeche Mode
1-07Internet LinksDepeche Mode
1-08ExitDepeche Mode
2-01How do you look back on "Ultra"? Did it live up to your expectations?Depeche Mode
2-10What do you think Mark Bell has brought out of you as a vocalist?Depeche Mode
2-11How would you describe the mood of "Exciter"?Depeche Mode
2-12Are you conscious of not repeating what you've done before and does that get harder as time goes by?Depeche Mode
2-13Do you think "Exciter" will surprise people?Depeche Mode
2-14How did you arrive at the album title "Exciter"?Depeche Mode
2-15Tell us about the album sleeve by Anton Corbijn.Depeche Mode
2-16Do you have any favourite lyrics on this album?Depeche Mode
2-17What are some of the themes covered in the album?Depeche Mode
2-18Do you have any particular favourite tracks on the album?Depeche Mode
2-19What about a song title "Goodnight Lovers", which has a lovely, sort of souly feel to it. Where did that song come from?Depeche Mode
2-02At the moment, Martin, you're living on the West side of America, Dave's on the East and Fletch is here in the UK. What's it like when you get back together again?Depeche Mode
2-20Martin, you sing lead vocals on two songs on the album. Tell us which ones these are and can you tell us about these songs?Depeche Mode
2-21Martin, what do you get from your song writing?Depeche Mode
2-22What would you like people to come away with after listening to the album?Depeche Mode
2-23You've had the number one records, the million selling albums and all the rest of it. What equals success to you now?Depeche Mode
2-24How do you think this album's going to translate to playing live?Depeche Mode
2-25What are your aspirations and dreams for this album?Depeche Mode
2-26Can you remember what your hopes and aspirations for the band were back in the early days? What would have equalled success for Depeche Mode then?Depeche Mode
2-27Who inspired you to want to join a band?Depeche Mode
2-28You've always had this incredible relationship with your fans. Is it still important for you to reach a new audience and also be given that opportunity via radio and television?Depeche Mode
2-29How would you sum up the relationship Depeche Mode have with their fans?Depeche Mode
2-03What's going through your head before the release of the new album? Is this a nervous, hesitant time for you?Depeche Mode
2-30How would you describe your present relationship with each other, especially since you've been through so much together?Depeche Mode
2-31Any thoughts as to why you are getting on so well at the moment?Depeche Mode
2-32In view of the band's history, how do you think you have managed to stay together?Depeche Mode
2-33Are there any defining moments that spring to mind when you look back at the band's career - the things that made the whole thing, the ups and downs, worthwhile?Depeche Mode
2-34If there was one image which encapsulated your time with Depeche Mode, which one would it be?Depeche Mode
2-35Have you started thinking about ideas for the next tour and what you're going to be playing?Depeche Mode
2-36Playing live is obviously something that you get a lot out of, but what is going through your head when you're up on stage?Depeche Mode
2-37With the release of "Exciter" and a world tour beckoning, would you say this a good time for Depeche Mode?Depeche Mode
2-38You've been quoted as saying you see Depeche Mode as almost sort of outsiders. Would you have it any other way?Depeche Mode
2-39Do you have a vision for the future?Depeche Mode
2-04Do you miss playing and recording when you're not doing it?Depeche Mode
2-40You mentioned earlier about the tremendous success that the band have had around the world. Can you give us an idea of some of the countries where Depeche Mode are successful?Depeche Mode
2-41What would you say each of you bring to Depeche Mode?Depeche Mode
2-42You've been making music now with Depeche Mode for quite some time. Do you find it strange to think that you've been doing this for almost your entire adult lives?Depeche Mode
2-05What sort of music were you listening to prior to going into the studio? Does that tend to have an influence on the sound of a record?Depeche Mode
2-06What was the first track that you recorded for the album and how important is that track as far as the making of the rest of the album?Depeche Mode
2-07What was the inspiration behind "Dream On"?Depeche Mode
2-08In the past you've worked with various producers, including Flood, François Kevorkian and Tim Simenon. What made Mark Bell right for "Exciter"?Depeche Mode
2-09Which process of making a record do you enjoy most?Depeche Mode

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