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Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode
1'The Singles 86>98' spans over a decade. Why do you feel this was the right time to release this collection?Depeche Mode
2The songs on the album span 12 years. How do you feel it holds together as an album?Depeche Mode
3With the last album 'Ultra' you didn't tour. Was that a good idea?Depeche Mode
4What direction is the band going in on 'Only When I Lose Myself'?Depeche Mode
5Were you aware in the early days of how much freedom Mute and Daniel Miller gave you?Depeche Mode
6'Dreaming Of Me' was the first single. At the time was that the extent of your ambition?Depeche Mode
7When you look back at stuff like 'New Life' or 'Just Can't Get Enough' is it just good nostalgia, or is there any squirming at all?Depeche Mode
8Was Vince Clarke the creative spark behind 'Speak And Spell'?Depeche Mode
9When Vince left, after 'Speak And Spell', were you worried about what would happen next?Depeche Mode
10'A Broken Frame' was your second album. Around these early hit singles did you feel that you had become pop stars?Depeche Mode
11Was 'Construction Time Again' pivotal in Depeche Mode's development?Depeche Mode
12How did discovering samplers affect your music?Depeche Mode
13Did you realise you were pioneering a new way of recording when using a sampler?Depeche Mode
14Do you see yourselves as part of an electronic musical lineage?Depeche Mode
15Were you aware you were pioneering new ways of recording?Depeche Mode
16'People Are People' was your first success in the U.S. entering the charts at 13. How did you react to this American success?Depeche Mode
17Why do you think you became so successful in America?Depeche Mode
18It's hard to understand the chemistry within the band. How would you describe it?Depeche Mode
19Do you think Depeche Mode's music was still moving forwards around 'Some Great Reward'?Depeche Mode
20Was 'Music For The Masses' important in your development into a band who could suddenly fill stadiums?Depeche Mode
21Around this time you were probably the biggest alternative band in the world. You decided to make a documentary, a 'rockumentary' if you like, on your '101' tour. Why choose DA Pennebaker to film it?Depeche Mode
22How confident did you feel whilst making 'Violator'?Depeche Mode
23'Violator' went on to sell six million copies. What was the feeling in the band whilst recording 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion'?Depeche Mode
24'I Feel You' was quite a musical departure, bringing in more of a rock element to the music. Was that calculated or just a musical evolution?Depeche Mode
25So were you trying to record 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion' as more of a live based album?Depeche Mode
26What made you decide to embrace the guitar on 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion', after using synths for so long?Depeche Mode
27How has the Depeche Mode sound evolved?Depeche Mode
28The 'Devotional' world tour encompassed a full year and a half. How did this effect you?Depeche Mode
29Did it go as far as having four separate floors of the hotel, four separate cars, four separate minders?Depeche Mode
30Was it depressing that it had got this bad?Depeche Mode
31Had you lost the plot?Depeche Mode
32Did you think there would ever be another Depeche Mode album at that stage?Depeche Mode
33There was a four year gap between 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion' and 'Ultra'. Was that planned?Depeche Mode
34Why did you decide to release 'Barrel Of A Gun' as the first single from 'Ultra'?Depeche Mode
35What was the lyrical theme behind 'Ultra'?Depeche Mode
36Dave, how do you deal with putting your emotions into Martin's lyrics?Depeche Mode
37Are you happier with who you are now?Depeche Mode
38For this album you're touring again. Is it a greatest hits tour?Depeche Mode
39Your fans are incredibly loyal. Why do you think that is?Depeche Mode
40It's a long time since you last toured. You music be nervous?Depeche Mode
41Do you miss being on the road?Depeche Mode
42You're also releasing a compilation of your videos. The early ones were directed by Julian Temple. How do you feel about those now?Depeche Mode
43When did you start working with Anton Corbijn?Depeche Mode
44Do you have a favourite Depeche Mode video?Depeche Mode
45How about 'Personal Jesus'?Depeche Mode
46Tell us about the 'Barrel Of A Gun' video.Depeche Mode

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