Depeche Mode - Interview CD.

Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode
1To promote the last album, "Songs of Faith and Devotion" you embarked on a massive 1 & 1/2 year world tour. What effect did that have on you all as a band?Depeche Mode1:31
2Knowing bands on tour there must have been a party every night?Depeche Mode1:00
3It was such a huge tour, did you ever think you weren't going to get through it in one piece?Depeche Mode0:30
4My God! What happenedDepeche Mode0:51
5What was going through you mind? Did your life flash before your eyes?Depeche Mode1:27
6How on earth did you break them?Depeche Mode0:29
7The tour seems to have been the catalyst that placed a great deal of strain upon the band. Do you regret doing it?Depeche Mode0:56
8What long term changes has it brought about?Depeche Mode2:03
9You're the only recent British band in the last 10 years or so, that have managed to be very succesful worldwide, espcecially in America. Why do you think you've succeeded where bands like Oasis have seemed to struggle?Depeche Mode3:04
10With each new record Depeche Mode seem to become more inventive and daring. Do you not worry that you will leave your fans behind?Depeche Mode0:20
11You released your first recrod 15 years ago. What do you think the secret is to your longeivity and enduring popularity?Depeche Mode0:50
12After the tour you all took a long time off from the band didn't you? At what point did you decide that the time was right for you all to get back togethere and resume with Depeche Mode?Depeche Mode1:04
13Was it a long process recording the album?Depeche Mode0:45
14After 15 years and 10 albums what is your motivation for keeping recording and releasing music?Depeche Mode1:06
15David, you employed a vocal coach to help your voice get back to full strength to record the new album. Was it as difficult as when you shared a vocal coach with John Lydon when you were both starting out?Depeche Mode2:07
16Have any of the traumas that have occurred to the band lately worked their way into the new material. 'Barrel of a Gun' for example, seems like it could be particularly biographical - a metaphor for death perhaps?Depeche Mode0:53
17Did you worry that after such a long time away that you just might not fit in?Depeche Mode1:32
18There are some very varied influences on the album on tracks like 'Bottom Line' for example.Depeche Mode1:05
19So do you really like country music? Who do you listen to?Depeche Mode0:59
20I gather 'It's No Good' will be the next single. I must say that it sounds like THE classic Depeche song...Depeche Mode0:34
21Another track from the album that stood out for me was 'Sister of Night'.Depeche Mode0:47
22The whole album is full of different styles and varied influences. Was that intentional?Depeche Mode0:22
23Tim Simenon, of Bomb the Bass fame produced the album. Why did you choose him, and is it his influence that has introduced the more loping dance feel to, for example tracks like 'Useless'?Depeche Mode1:52
24Martin, earlier you mentioned the 'R' word - Rock. I thought that was a no-no in the Depeche Mode camp?Depeche Mode0:23
25So you're not afraid of the term 'rock music' any more?Depeche Mode0:53
26I gather there are no plans for a tour for this album. Does that mean it's the end for Depeche as a touring band or is there a chance we will be seeing you out on the road again further down the line?Depeche Mode1:06

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