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Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode
1Why do you feel this was the right time to release this collection?Depeche Mode0:14
2Let's just go back to the beginning. With those first few singles, the important thing was that you had Daniel Miller and you had Mute, and whatever door you wanted to open he let you, which is very unusual. Were you aware at the time of just how good that deal was?Depeche Mode0:45
3When you actually look back at stuff like New Life or I Just Can't Get Enough is it just good nostalgia, or is there any squirming at all?Depeche Mode0:16
4Was Vince Clarke very much the leader of the band for 'Speak And Spell'?Depeche Mode0:53
5When Vince left, after 'Speak And Spell', and the hits you'd had then, were you scared out of your minds?Depeche Mode0:31
6So, 'A Broken Frame' was the next album. People often say first albums are the first 20 years of your life, second albums are the next six months. Was that the case with that? Cos 'A Broken Frame' was Martin's first album as a songwriter, even though it was Depeche Mode's second. Did you feel with all these hits singles that you had become pop stars?Depeche Mode1:10
7Album number three 'Construction Time Again', would you say that would be the single most important moment in Depeche Mode's development?Depeche Mode1:22
8Lets talk about sampling. You went to a tube station in London just to get a particular noise. Did you find that was something that was innovative?Depeche Mode1:13
9Did you feel at all at the time that you were actually pioneering a new way of recording?Depeche Mode1:35
10Do you see yourselves as part of that lineage though?Depeche Mode0:28
11How conscious were you of the fact that no one else was recording this way?Depeche Mode1:08
12'People Are People' went to Number 13 in the US charts. Was that important as well as 'Construction Time Again'?Depeche Mode0:55
13So the people in their bedrooms with 'Construction Time Again' said 'I want to see this band' they had been listening to for nearly three years.Depeche Mode1:30
14What do you think the special chemistry in the band is?. How would you describe it?Depeche Mode0:40
15Things were going well in America in '85 with 'Shake The Disease' and 'It's Called A Heart' then in '86 you had the two 'Question' singles, so from 'Some Great Reward' to 'Black Celebration' did you see this as treading water. Cos 'Violator' was a bigger statement, and 'Songs Of Faith & Devotion' was a bigger statement.Depeche Mode1:02
16By the time of 'Music For The Masses' your previous four albums had built up a huge following. This was the album that led to massive acclaim in the States, and people have called it 'fame by stealth'.Depeche Mode1:59
17Well, this is the point. You were probably the Number One alternative band at the time, 75,000 people turned out just to see Depeche Mode in California, there were 101 gigs on that tour, and you decided to get legendary director DA Pennebaker who hadn't had anything to do at all with music since the Dylan movie from 23 years before that to film it...Depeche Mode0:23
18OK, we're into 1990 now, and 'Violator'. This is the album that spawned the hit singles 'Enjoy The Silence' and 'Personal Jesus'. What kind of confidence did you have to make 'Violator'?Depeche Mode1:50
19So 'Violator' sold six million copies. The next album 'Songs of Faith & Devotion' came out & it went to Number One in America and Number One in the UK. You must have felt invincible, but with that album, when you were recording it, there were certain cracks in the band.Depeche Mode1:31
20'Songs Of Faith And Devotion', seemed to be quite a musical departure for the band. You were bringing a more rock element in. Was that something that was calculated or was that an evolution, musically?Depeche Mode1:26
21You were trying to record live?Depeche Mode0:18
22That's the first time you've mentioned the word rock, so after ten years were you happy to say, right we've tired everything, we'll try rock?Depeche Mode1:43
23What were the practical results of you pushing your music further?Depeche Mode1:00
24And what happened then when you decided to bring that out on the road? Was it complete disintegration?Depeche Mode0:23
25And on that tour afterwards, did it go as far as four separate floors of the hotel, four separate cars, four separate minders?Depeche Mode1:15
26Did it depress you at all that it had come to this?Depeche Mode0:53
27So had you basically lost the plot?Depeche Mode0:50
28So, how did you get back together?Depeche Mode1:13
29So was it a bit like - maybe we'll get back together again, maybe we'll get back in the studio again.Depeche Mode0:42
30The majority of all Depeche Mode's songs deal with very spiritual or sexual themes. How does that affect Dave since you're singing the lyrics but not actually writing them? Are there arty where you think 'I can't sing this' or do you agree with most of the stuff that Martin writes?Depeche Mode0:43
31You still have this big devoted fanbase. Why do you think that is?Depeche Mode0:44
32Depeche Mode are an incredibly successful group. Do you feel proud of what you've achieved?Depeche Mode1:15
33Where do you think Depeche Mode fit in musically in 2006?Depeche Mode0:29

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