Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden. 远离伊甸园

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1.1No More Walks In The Wood 不再林间漫步Eagles2:00
1.2How Long 多么漫长Eagles3:15
1.3Busy Being Fabulous 忙着出风头Eagles4:21
1.4What Do I Do With My Heart 悠悠我心Eagles3:55
1.5Guilty Of The Crime 做贼心虚Eagles3:44
1.6I Don't Want To Hear Any More 不想听太多Eagles4:21
1.7Waiting In The Weeds 哀悼中等待Eagles7:47
1.8No More Cloudy Days 告别阴霾的日子Eagles4:04
1.9Fast Company 匆匆伴侣Eagles4:01
1.10Do Something 做点什么Eagles5:13
1.11You Are Not Alone 你并不孤单Eagles2:22
2.01Long Road Out Of Eden 远离伊甸园Eagles10:17
2.02I Dreamed There Was No War 我梦见不再有战争(演奏曲)Eagles1:38
2.03Somebody 背后有人Eagles4:10
2.04Frail Grasp On The Big Picture 巨画的一角Eagles5:47
2.05Last Good Time In Town 镇上的最好时光Eagles7:08
2.06I Love To Watch A Woman Dance 爱人的舞步Eagles3:16
2.07Business As Usual 一如往常Eagles5:32
2.08Center Of The Universe 宇宙的中心Eagles3:42
2.09It's Your World Now 世界是你们的Eagles4:20

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