Elton John - The Big Picture (The Interview)

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Elton John
Elton John
11997 Is An Important Year For You, …Elton John1:37
2You Are Involved With Watford Football Club, …Elton John0:44
3The New Government Have For The First Time Appointed A Minister For Film, …Elton John0:54
4How Did You And Bernie Taupin Meet?Elton John0:56
5How Do You Work, Do You Write The Music First, ...Elton John1:15
6How Many Times Have You Had To Say …Elton John1:04
7Why Don't You Just Write All The Songs Yourself?Elton John0:28
8How Did You Early Image Evolve?Elton John1:40
9When You Sale Some Of Your Clothes The Money Goes To The Aids Foundation, …Elton John2:26
10Song For Guy Was Not, As People Thought, About Aids, …Elton John0:45
11Is There A Definitive Elton John Album?Elton John1:11
12Is There An Album You'd Like To Do Better If You Could?Elton John1:21
13Do You Listen To Any Current Bands Like Oasis?Elton John1:43
14Do You Think That British Bands Are Making More Of An Impact In America?Elton John1:12
15Why Have You Got Involved With Watford Football Club Again?Elton John2:36
16Do You Think It's Possible To Get Watford Back Into The Premiere Division?Elton John0:56
17Thinking Of All The Honours You've Received, …Elton John2:49
18Why Ddid You Make The Documentary "Tantrums & Tiaras"?Elton John1:35
19Tell Me About The Cover To The New Album - The Big Picture …Elton John0:47
20Can You Describe The New Album?Elton John1:52
21What's Bernie Taupin's Reaction To Your Music?Elton John0:54
22Is The Order Of Songs On The Album Important?Elton John1:55
23Chris Thomas Has Also Produced INXS And The Pretenders, …Elton John1:29
24Why Did You Put The Solo Version Of 'Live Like Horses' On The Album?Elton John1:05
25Is It Intimidating Working With People Like Pavarotti?Elton John1:00
26Is There Anyone You'd Like To Do A Duet With?Elton John0:34
27Have You Chosen A Lead Single From The Album Yet?Elton John0:50
28Do You Read Your Album Reviews?Elton John0:33
29What About Your Future Projects, Aida And Eldorado?Elton John2:47

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