Erasure - Cowboy Interview

1What's it like doing an album tenth time around?Erasure0:29
2Why do you think that the songs came easier this time around?Erasure0:12
3What do you think you've gained on this new album?Erasure0:23
4What are your favourite songs on the album?Erasure0:23
5What's the film?Erasure0:16
6Why can't you remember any of the other songs on the album?Erasure0:20
7Any more like that?Erasure0:19
8What were you listening to at the time that you made the album and thus what is your inspiration?Erasure0:18
9You're not a clubbing man?Erasure0:19
10So you're not a trainspotter in the sense that you'll hear a sound on someone else's record and try and imitate it or better it?Erasure0:30
11What about technology? Are you a boffin in that area?Erasure0:17
12Are there any particular noises on the LP or sections that you're pleased with.., sampling or otherwise?Erasure0:30
13There are sound references on the album. On one track there's something that sounds like the sounds on TeLstar. Was this done consciously?Erasure0:24
14Are there any proper instruments on the album?Erasure0:20
15How do you know when you've got a single? Do you get a feeling in the middle of the track?Erasure0:41
16When was the album made and how long did it take to make it?Erasure0:27
17Right, but a long conception. I mean, longer than most bands, I'd wager...Erasure0:13
18Musically, where did you want to take off from the last album?Erasure0:20
19Has the song writing process changed for you since the old days and your previous bands?Erasure0:41
20Do you contribute to Andy's lyrics at all?Erasure0:15
21Have you ever wanted to sing or write lyrics yourself?Erasure0:19
22It's a team, then?Erasure0:09
23How has Andy changed as a performer and a singer?Erasure0:29
24Is it possible for you yourself to rate this album compared to what you think of the others?Erasure0:20
25Are you working on anything else at all? Do you do remixes?Erasure0:26
26Are you generally happy with the result?Erasure0:19
27Have you done anything for TV?Erasure0:27
28Do you enjoy touring?Erasure0:18
29Do you get nervous before shows?Erasure0:16
30What do you stipulate backstage as a rider before you go on?Erasure0:17
31Do you play a lot of live keyboards on-stage or are you just a one finger man?Erasure0:11
32So what else do you do when you're on stage?Erasure0:06
33Do you pretend to play?Erasure0:22
34Are you ever tempted to get a guitar out or a trumpet or do some drums?Erasure0:15
35Have you ever used a live band?Erasure0:20
36What will this tour, "The Cowboy Concerts", promise?Erasure0:21
37Is Andy the concept man?Erasure0:08
38What's your input?Erasure0:08
39Erasure are known for wearing some outrageous costumes on-stage. Are there any outfits you won't wear?Erasure0:09
40Will you be at the front of the stage at all this time?Erasure0:09
41I do believe myth has it that you did step out to the front once when you were doing the Abba songs...Erasure0:14
42It seems that you haven't changed your view about the glare of the spotlight.Erasure0:08
43Do you like being a man of mystery?Erasure0:10
44Do you get recognised in the street?Erasure0:44
45What do people say if they come up to you and recognise you?Erasure0:14
46How do you feel about success, then? It seems that you might have a relaxed attitude.Erasure0:33
47Can you ever see yourself doing another job?Erasure0:36
48What would you say the best thing about being Vince Clarke is?Erasure0:09
49Are you allowed to engage in that, being a pop star?Erasure0:12
50So this is the tenth album you've done. How does it differ from previous albums?Erasure0:31
51Why was the "Erasure" album different then?Erasure0:41
52So what ideas did you take in with you initially into the studio?Erasure0:17
53Has the song writing process changed in any way?Erasure0:22
54Vince said that the song writing was relatively easy for this album.Erasure1:04
55You don't use any cut-out techniques or any little exercises to help with lyric writing?Erasure0:24
56What does it mean when a new album comes out, to you personally?Erasure0:25
57How does the album make you feel?Erasure0:24
58Why the title "Cowboy"?Erasure0:26
59What's the lyrical inspiration on the album?Erasure0:40
60Does that mean that your writing is now less personal?Erasure0:18
61Describe the single "In My Arms". What's that all about?Erasure0:47
62So did it take a long time for the album to be made?Erasure0:11
63What did you do in those gaps?Erasure0:13
64There's a Blondie cover on the B Side of "In My Arms". Whose decision was that?Erasure0:29
65You seem to prefer female vocalists. Why is that?Erasure0:16
66What kind of themes run through tracks like the singles "Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me" and "Rain"Erasure0:43
67What's your favourite song on the album?Erasure0:31
68What were the letters like?Erasure0:27
69If you knew then what you do now, what would you change about the first few albums?Erasure0:14
70And why's that?Erasure0:33
71Within the music industry are you sociable?Erasure0:45
72What happens when you get recognised in the street?Erasure0:31
73Vince said that he doesn't think that you can work without each other. You need each other as a working partnership.Erasure0:28
74How was the Tiny Tour? Are smaller venues better than large ones?Erasure0:37
75What's it like when you take new songs on the road?Erasure0:27
76Is there that infamous buzz going on-stage?Erasure0:28
77What can we expect from this tour? Obviously you have a lot to live up to.Erasure0:38
78Have you thought about costumes?Erasure0:31
79What's been your favourite costume?Erasure0:38
80Have you ever set out to shock?Erasure0:19
81Do you have any ambitions for stage sets or anything?Erasure0:34
82Are there any other things that you've suggested?Erasure0:31
83How will this tour compare to your post tours?Erasure0:21
84How do you celebrate after a show?Erasure0:31
85How do you see yourselves now, in relation to the rest of the pop world?Erasure0:40
86Do you have any ambitions left within Erasure that you'd like to fulfil?Erasure0:15
87Any other ambitions?Erasure0:28
88What sort of fan mail do you get?Erasure0:32
89Would you consider doing a different career?Erasure0:29
90Have you acted recently?Erasure0:38
91Vince's answer to the last question was, I think, "I can drink a lot." What is the best thing about being Andy Bell?Erasure0:10
92Can you expand?Erasure0:36
93And that's stayed with you?Erasure0:05

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