INXS - Profiled!

1INXS Profile & 4 Songs (Suicide Blonde, Disappear, Bitter Tears, The Stairs)INXS18:15
2Station Liner - Michael "'X' Rated Deejay"INXS0:09
3Station Liner - Andrew Farriss "Don't Touch That Dial"INXS0:10
4Station Liner - Michael "Something New"INXS0:08
5Station Liner - Michael & Andrew "Wake Up"INXS0:13
6Station Liner - Andrew & Michael "Weekend"INXS0:12
7Station Liner - Michael "Radioland"INXS0:10
8"When Did You Start Working On X?"INXS2:03
9"How Did You Come Up With The Album Title X?"INXS1:18
10"What Was It Like Getting Back Together Again After The Long Break Following Your Last Tour?"INXS1:00
11"How Do You View X In Relation To Kick?"INXS0:47
12"How Did You End Up With American Blues Harpist Charlie Musselwhite On The Album?"INXS1:29
13"Andrew, You And Michael Write Most Of The Songs, But On 'By My Side' You Teamed Up With Kirk."INXS0:51
14"What Is It Like Working With Producer Chris Thomas?"INXS0:40
15"How Do You Go About The Actual Recording Of An Album Like X?"INXS0:30
16"Tell Us About The Song 'Lately.'"INXS1:08
17"Tell Us About 'The Stairs.'"INXS0:47
18"Blues Harpist Charlie Musselwhite Appears On Two Songs On X; 'Who Pays The Price' And 'On My Way.'"INXS0:36
19"Did The Success Of Your Last Album Kick Change Any Aspect Of INXS In A Positive Or Negative Way?"INXS0:57
20"Michael, You Cowrote 'Faith In Each Other' And 'Disappear' With Drummer Jon. How Was That?"INXS0:40
21"Between Your Last Tour And The Recording Of X You Both Worked On Outside Projects. What Did Those Experiences Bring To Inxs?"INXS1:01
22"How Do You Feel About Your Vocals On This Album, Michael?"INXS0:48
23"You're The One Of The Few Bands You Can Hear In A Dance Club And On Rock Radio. Is Your Brand Of Crossover Music Intentional?"INXS1:31
24"How Important Is It For You To Keep Up With Music Trends?"INXS1:48
25"Andrew, Your Keyboards Always Sound Very Subtle In The Band's Music."INXS0:50
26"Was There Ever A Turning Point For Inxs?"INXS0:52
27"What Was It That Made You Take The Band Out Of Australia And Start Touring The World?"INXS1:07
28"What Is The Most Satisfying Part About Being In Inxs?"INXS1:37

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