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Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue
1So, your 3rd Parlophone CD is out on November 17th. How long does it take you to make an album?Kylie Minogue1:29
2Fever, the last album was a 6 million seller world wide, and 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' a record that was just everywhere. Did you ever get tired of it?Kylie Minogue0:28
3'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', from 'Fever', was such a big selling and big radio record! Was there pressure; that you might struggle to follow it up?Kylie Minogue0:57
4'Slow', the first single, has a nice retro feel, while at the same time being bang up to date. Tell us about the writing and recording of 'Slow'Kylie Minogue2:14
5How did you hook up with all the writers and producers on the album?Kylie Minogue2:06
6'Still Standing' is next, written by Ash Thomas - who's Ash Thomas?Kylie Minogue2:20
7As we said, there are lots of different writers and producers on the album. Someone has to hold on to the overall concept of what you want the album to be like? Is that you?Kylie Minogue1:14
8Tell us about 'Secret (Take You Home)'Kylie Minogue0:38
9And 'Secret' has credits going to no fewer than 9 writers.Kylie Minogue0:36
10How did you pick the songs for the album? for the end of an affair: "I want my records back, To get my heart on track"Kylie Minogue0:29
11Next up, 'Promises'. Written and produced by Kurtis Khaleel, aka Mantronik. How did you get to know him?Kylie Minogue1:22
12'Promises' is definitely a song from an assertive and strong woman (and not the only one on the album). Sexy - but strong.Kylie Minogue0:25
13There's a slow, less frantic vibe across the whole albumKylie Minogue0:22
14'Sweet Music' is interesting. It's a love song on one level; but it's also a track about recording a track.Kylie Minogue1:12
15Where does 'Body Language' take you, personnaly and musically?Kylie Minogue1:02
16Right, 'Red Blooded Woman'. This stars the dynamic duo of Johnny Douglas and Karen Poole (ex Alisha's Attic).Kylie Minogue2:04
17Now, some Top Shelf Music (so sexy it has to be kept out of the reach of the young.) 'Chocolate' has to be a #1 hit, and it's so sexy!Kylie Minogue2:22
18So you recorded in Spain. That sounds like a good ideaKylie Minogue1:25
19More Mantronik in 'Obsession'. More chilled out tempo. More 80s feel.Kylie Minogue0:59
20What about the songs that don't quite make it onto the album? Is it a very difficult job to reject some that you really like?Kylie Minogue1:43
21'I Feel For You' has a vocal sample in it. But what does it say?Kylie Minogue0:16
22The track is full of rain and thunder sound effects. It has quite a filmic quality about it.Kylie Minogue1:42
23Kylie is a role model, especially for young girls. Is that ever a burden for you?Kylie Minogue0:52
24In the next track 'Someday', there is a great lyric for the end of an affair:! "I want my records back, To get my heart on track"Kylie Minogue2:16
25The 'voice' of 'Body Language' is undoubtedly that of an assertive woman.Kylie Minogue0:37
26'Loving Days' next: back to the studios of Biff Stannard and Joolzs Gallagher. Back to Dublin.Kylie Minogue1:07
27What do the strings add, on a track like 'Loving Days'?Kylie Minogue0:37
28The last track is 'After Dark', which sound like another hit single. Back to the hit writer Cathy Dennis.Kylie Minogue1:17
29So, the album is done and ready to go. What about the lights, the amps, the drums, the dancers, the halls??Kylie Minogue1:56

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