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Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue
1AmbienceKylie Minogue0:23
2So here we are, at the end of October 2001, with your first single from your new album at number one just about everywhere and the album taking off all through Europe! How does that feel?Kylie Minogue0:28
3When Parlophone Records/EMI Music signed you before "Light Years", some trendy music journalists thought it was a bad idea; though that your career was over. Were you worried?Kylie Minogue0:47
4You are now an international brand and everybody just calls you "Kylie" - no "Minogue". A team of people helped develop that brand, and I guess being just Kylie makes autographs easier...Kylie Minogue0:56
5The first single "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" has absolutely taken over the world! It seems to mean so much to so many different listenersKylie Minogue0:39
6Hold music under and segue toKylie Minogue0:32
7There are 8 or 9 songs on this album that could be hit singles. That means you'll be singing them for years!Kylie Minogue0:16
8Biffco, Biff Stannard and Jules Gallagher in Dublin had a big hand in this album. How is it working with those guys?Kylie Minogue0:38
9Lot's of tracks have great production ideas. On Love At First Sight, the backing seems to "disappear" - then the voice comes in and picks it up. It's a good combination of retro sounds and modern technology.Kylie Minogue0:29
10Do you hear all the production tricks as you are singing, or is the finished track a surprise?Kylie Minogue0:50
11Are you happier with your vocal style and technique nowadays?Kylie Minogue0:55
12You have a webside ( with a "soap" story running. (Feel The Fever), and updates on what you're doing. Are you Web Wise?Kylie Minogue0:47
13A major UK tabloid newspaper, (The Sun) called you "the Queen of Pop", since you beat Michael Jackson to the number one spot in the charts.Kylie Minogue0:13
14So, having flown around the screen as the Fairy in Moulin Rouge for Baz Luhrman, do you want to go back to film acting?Kylie Minogue1:57
15So, if you were making a film tomorrow, who would you co-star be: George Clooney or Alan Rickman?Kylie Minogue0:19
16So, you are travelling around the world, and especially Europe, a lot at the moment. Do you get to see much of each place?Kylie Minogue0:43
17Trac One, More More More, is a real late seventies/early eighties disco dream - Sister Sledge meet Kool and The GangKylie Minogue0:33
18How do the sounds on this record differ from how they were on Light Years? More or less retro?Kylie Minogue0:52
19On the track Burning Up, there's a lot of key changing, plus a little vocoder figure. Was it hard to sing?Kylie Minogue0:25
20There isn't a big ballad on Fever.....Kylie Minogue0:36
21So, the glamorous pop star icon conquers the world. But what's the worst part? Early morning radio interviews? Hours of make up? Airport delays?Kylie Minogue1:06
22For the first time, you've worked closely in the studio with a woman, Cathy Dennis (who co-wrote Can't Get You Out Of My Head and Dancefloor, having already been a chart acto in her own right with Touch Me (UK number 5, 1991), Waterloo Sunset (UK number 11, 1997) and 10 other UK hits). How was that?Kylie Minogue1:06
23Now then, the video for Can't Get You Out Of My Head. It's cused a lot of let's say, interest, among viewers (particularly the white outfit).....Kylie Minogue2:02
24Now, seeing you on video is fine. Hearing you on radio is fine. But many thousands of people want to see you live. You announced a UK arena tour recently. What can we look forward to seeing? And will the rest of the world see you?Kylie Minogue1:20

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