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Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue
1First off, after all the worry of your illness, it is so good to see you back in such good form. Congratulations on your recovery, on your 20th anniversary since The Locomotion and your tenth studio album. I wonder whether, given all the circumstances, your mental preparation was any different this time?Kylie Minogue1:02
2The Showgirl tour had to be halted when your illness was diagnosed - so to complete what we now know as the Homecoming Tour must have been really important to you?Kylie Minogue0:54
3While you were ill, could you sense the wave of feeling that swept round the world, willing you to get better?Kylie Minogue0:52
4So, back into the studio (or perhaps, studios, because you tend to record all over the place). What was the most daunting part about getting back into the studio life?Kylie Minogue0:35
5One of the things that people love about 'Kylie' is here ability to laugh, not to get all 'artist' and self obsessed. What is it that keeps your feet on the ground?Kylie Minogue0:41
6Now, the process of getting ready to record. When you've got a new album coming up, do you listen to loads of music, or avoid listening altogether?Kylie Minogue0:36
7So, putting the songs together for a new album, you've been helped and guided by Jamie Nelson and Miles Leonard in A&R. For those of us outside the music biz, what does A&R do? Or indeed mean?Kylie Minogue0:51
8So the new album is called X. Why?Kylie Minogue0:56
9n the Light Years album, you had a list of Key Words in the studio for everyone to keep in mind. Have you done the same this time?Kylie Minogue0:19
10How many locations did you use for the recording of Kylie 'X', and are the internet rumours correct about forty songs, being considered for the record?Kylie Minogue1:10
11So you have recorded quite a lot in Scandinavia with the hot dance outfits, Bloodshy and Avant, Cutfather etc. Do you think there is a real difference in how different places sound?Kylie Minogue0:44
12"Like a pure white diamond/I'll shine on and on", is a line from a song on your website. Suits you, Madam!Kylie Minogue0:41
13You must feel very proud to have made such a good album, considering what you've been through?Kylie Minogue1:16
14First off, the first single 2 Hearts. Great track!Kylie Minogue0:41
15That track was written by Kish Mauve, a young London 4 piece. Did you work directly with them?Kylie Minogue0:43
16Next up, Like A Drug. How hard was making that?Kylie Minogue1:02
17In My Arms starts with a spoken line from you, that sounds a bit like Keira Knightley in Atonement, Not very, er Australian girl...Kylie Minogue1:05
18Speakerphone is a terrific track. Bet you can't wait to sing this one on stage!Kylie Minogue0:37
19Next up from the new Kylie album, Sensitized, with fiddles and whoops all over the intro. Bit of a Kylie Keilidh?Kylie Minogue2:37
20Heart Beat Rock, a song about the boys watching the girls getting ready to hit the floor. Good single material!Kylie Minogue1:10
21Track 7 is The One, with a list of producer credits that's as long as the phone book. Who are all these people?Kylie Minogue0:31
22Tell us about No More Rain - anything to do with what you've been through?Kylie Minogue2:36
23The Scandinavian sound next, of Bloodshy and Avant on All I See.Kylie Minogue1:05
24Track 10 is Stars, and there are lyrics here that sound as though they came from your recent past; and your heart...Kylie Minogue1:15
25This song has the line 'Go tonight' advising someone not to let a chance of love slip away. Another lyric stimulated by what you've been through? Never let a chance slip away?Kylie Minogue0:55
26Wow comes next. Minogue, Karen Poole and Greg Kurstin.Kylie Minogue3:56
27Next up, Nu Di Ty. Should I look away?Kylie Minogue0:58
28And the Cosmic, written and produced with Francis Eg White.Kylie Minogue3:03
29So, you said earlier that you were proud of 'X'. What makes you most proud? Having got trough all the other stuff and made it at all?Kylie Minogue1:01
30Hi this is Kylie. The next track you're going to hear from my new album X is the first single, 2 Hearts.Kylie Minogue0:11
31Hi this is Kylie, the next track you'll hear from my new album X, is Like a Drug.Kylie Minogue0:10
32Hi this is Kylie. Coming right up, In My Arms.Kylie Minogue0:08
33Hi this is Kylie. From the new album X this is Speakerphone. Hello..Kylie Minogue0:11
34Hi this is Kylie. Next track from the X album is Sensitized.Kylie Minogue0:09
35Hi this is Kylie. I can make your Heart Beat Rock. Check it out.Kylie Minogue0:09
36Hi this is Kylie. Coming right up, The One.Kylie Minogue0:09
37Hi this is Kylie. Here's a track from the new album X...No More RainKylie Minogue0:09
38Hi this is Kylie. The next track you're going to hear from my new album X is this track All I See.Kylie Minogue0:11
39This is Stars, from the new album, X. Hi I'm Kylie and it's great to be with you.Kylie Minogue0:09
40Hi this is Kylie. Next up, I'm going to sing Wow, from the X album. Not like 'Wow! I'm going to sing' but I'm singing Wow, the song Wow. OK, everybody clear? Here we go then...Kylie Minogue0:19
41Naughty song time next, Nu Di Ty. Look away, kids.Kylie Minogue0:12
42To finish off this look through my new album X, this is Kylie saying thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy....Cosmic.Kylie Minogue0:08

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