Massive Attack - Interview

Massive Attack
Massive Attack
1Tell Us About The Album - Did The Album Exist Before The Title Or Did The Title Exist - It's 'Mezzanine'Massive Attack0:22
2What Other Titles Were In The Frame For It, Was There Anything ElseMassive Attack0:42
3Where Did You Actually Record ThisMassive Attack0:08
4And How Long Did It TakeMassive Attack0:06
5Didn't You Do Quite A Bit Of Writing In CornwallMassive Attack0:46
6Does That Actually Effect The Sound Of The Album Like The Technology And The Frustrations It CausesMassive Attack0:34
7It Must Be Difficult To Be OrganicMassive Attack0:43
8So How Long Were You In Cornwall For And What Actually Went OnMassive Attack0:30
9Was This Like A Conscious Decision, Were You Genuinely Just Not Getting On With Each Other And Just Needed SpaceMassive Attack0:28
10Who Actually Does The Writing - I've Never Been Quite Sure Who Does WhatMassive Attack0:50
11What Do You Each Bring In IndividuallyMassive Attack0:55
12How Important Is The Lyrical Content Of The Song And How Much Of It Is The Atmosphere In The Music Of ItMassive Attack0:15
13And You Say Group 4 Came Out Of Cornwall As Well, Explain The ConceptMassive Attack0:56
14This Is Liz Frazer From The Cocteau TwinsMassive Attack0:18
15So This Was Obviously A Fairly Difficult Album, Was This More Difficult To Record Than Anything Else You've Done BeforeMassive Attack1:14
16What Were The Problems You Were Having To Deal With, Was It Like Not Getting On And Not Liking The Music You Were Making Or Is It Just Coming To Terms With Being Older And What You Were Going Through As IndividualsMassive Attack0:29
17Did You Find That You Suddenly Had To Get More Serious And Kind Of Play The Game More As A Band Like You Had To Go On Tour And You Had To Release The Album, Did That Kind Of Complicate ItMassive Attack1:20
18Did That Freak You Out When You Realised You Had To Do ThatMassive Attack0:34
19Do You Look For Other People To Work With As Well, Is That Something That Keeps You Interested And Keeps You Exited About The Music You're Making Like 'OK What Can We Do Next Who Can We Work With Next'Massive Attack1:07
20What Was It Like Working With HerMassive Attack1:16
21When You Actually Finished The Album, When Was The Time You Listened To It As A Complete AlbumMassive Attack0:37
22Tell Us The Story About The Bibles That Appeared During The Recording Of 'Mezzanine' Is That True - I Read About It SomewhereMassive Attack0:42
23Do You Not Get Bored By Your Own Record CollectionsMassive Attack0:48
24Tell Me About Inertia Creeps, Is It A Particularly Personal SongMassive Attack1:04
25Is It Carthartic For You To Write These Lyrics, And You Do Write Them For Yourselves Or Do You Write For Other People To AppreciateMassive Attack1:02
26You Didn't Work With Nellee Hooper On This Album At All, Did You Miss HimMassive Attack0:31
27You Have Such A Huge Long List Of Credits On Your Albums Like People Who Have Been Involved With You, Are There Alot Of People On This One As Well Or Is It Much More Narrow Or DefinedMassive Attack0:52
28Do You Like The Album 'Mezzanine' - GMassive Attack0:32
29Something I Read In An Iterview D, You Were Saying That When You Think Back To 1989/90 You Think Of Sunshine And Happy Times, So This Is Gonna Be The Bleak DaysMassive Attack1:29
30Do You Still Enjoy Being In Massive AttackMassive Attack0:57
31Can You See Yourselves In Their Positions In Any Point In The FutureMassive Attack0:33
32Mushroom, Do You Like This AlbumMassive Attack0:24
33What's Your Favourite Track On The AlbumMassive Attack0:56
34I Think Dissolved Girl Is One Of My Favourite Tracks On The Album Her Voice Is Fantastic She Sounds Like An Awful Lot Of Other People, What's That Track AboutMassive Attack0:22
35Aside From Making Your Own Records, You Also Have The Label Melankolic, How Many Artists Have You Got Signed To Melankolic NowMassive Attack0:17
36Where Do You Find These People, Lewis And CraigMassive Attack1:14
37How Much Do You Get InvolvedMassive Attack2:03
38You've Worked With Liz Fraser Now And You Wanted To Work With Her Six Years Ago, Who Else Is There Still That You Want To Work WithMassive Attack0:29
39Tell Us About The Madonna Story - How Long Did It Take To Meet Here While You Were ThereMassive Attack1:06

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