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Melanie C
Melanie C
1.When And Why Did You Decide To Change Your Image And Is It A Bid To Break Away From The Spice Girls Image In Some Way?Melanie C
2.Did You Feel You Needed The Freedom Of Solo Album To Reveal Your True Musical Self?Melanie C
3.How Does The Music On This Album Reflect Your Individual Personality?Melanie C
4.There's A Variety Of Musical Styles On This Album; How Did You Decide Which Tracks To Put On There, What Order To Put Them In And What Do You Think Holds It All Together?Melanie C
5.When You Started Work On This Album Did You Have A Musical Game Plan?Melanie C
6.How Would You Describe The Melanie C Sound?Melanie C
7.Being A Spice Girl, You Must Have People Queuing Up To Work With You As Well As A Ready-made Audience...Melanie C
8.Which Producers Did You Choose To Work With?Melanie C
9.You've Been Very Involved With The Songwriting For This Album, Who Did You Write With?Melanie C
10.After The Success Of Your Big Hit Duet With Bryan Adams, Have You Done Any More Writing With Him?Melanie C
11.Why Did You Decide Not To Put "When You're Gone" On This Album?Melanie C
12.Why Did You Decide To Record The Slbum Over In Los Angeles?Melanie C
13.You Say LA Suits You - What Is It About The City That You Really Love?Melanie C
14.Was The Song "Feel The Sun" Inspired By Your Experiences There?Melanie C
15.Did You Do Much Mixing With The Stars While You Were In LA?Melanie C
16.Is It True You Went Out To Dinner With Madonna?Melanie C
17.Is She Still A Great Idol Of Yours?Melanie C
18.I Hear You Jumped Up On Stage And Did Your Sex Pistols Impersonation In LA - How Did That Come About?Melanie C
19.Do You Ever Get Nervous About Meeting Famous People Or Getting Up On Stage In Front Of Huge Crowds Or Has All Your Experience With The Spice Girls Cured That?Melanie C
20.Going Out On Stage On Your Own Must Be A Very Different Experience From Performing With The Spice Girls - Does That Make You Feel More Nervous Than Ever?Melanie C
21.Tell Us About Your Band?Melanie C
22.What Tracks On The Album Are Going To Be Singles?Melanie C
23.Why Did You Decide On "Goin' Down" As The First Single?Melanie C
24.The Title "Goin' Down" Might Just Be Misconstrued - Or Was That Perhaps Your Intention?Melanie C
25.What's The Video For "Goin' Down" Like...Melanie C
26.By Releasing One Of The Rockier Tracks First You're Strenghtening Your Reputation As A Bit Of A Rock Chick, Aren't You?Melanie C
27.Let's Talk About Your Next Single "Northern Star" Which Is Also The Title Track Of The Album. What's The Significance Of That Title?Melanie C
28.Lyrically It Deals With The Down Side Of Fame - Does The Continuous Hounding By The Press Still Get You Down Or Have You Become Hardened To All That?Melanie C
29.Do The Lyrics Of Those Songs Give Us An Opportunity To Get To Know The Real Sporty?Melanie C
30.Does It Help You To Deal With Your Emotions By Putting Them Into Songs?Melanie C
31.What Inspires You To Write, Especially The Love Songs Like "Be The One" For Example?Melanie C
32."I Turn To You" Could Be A Romantic Love Song But It Sounds More Like A Song For Someone Who's Supported You Through Thick And Thin, Is That The Case?Melanie C
33.How Much Do You Think Your Experiences In Life Before You Become A Spice Girl, Especially Your Childhood, Have Influenced This Album?Melanie C
34.What About That Ambitious Little Girl Who Used To Stand In Front Of The Mirror Pretending Her TV Remote Control Was A Microphone - Does She Still Exist?Melanie C
35.Why Did You Decide To Write A Song About Homeless - "If That Were Me" - And Do You Expect Some Criticism For Daring To Deal With The Subject?Melanie C
36.The Line That Stands Out Is The One That Goes "I Couldn't Live Without My Phone But You Don't Even Have A Home"Melanie C
37.Do You Think People Will Be Surprised At The R&B Direction You've Taken On "Never Be The Same Again"?Melanie C
38.And You Take Yet Another Musical Direction Again With "Suddenly Monday"...Melanie C
39.Do You Have A Favourite Track On The Album And If So What's The Reason For Picking It As Your Favourite?Melanie C
40.Now You're Back In The Studio With The Spice Girls, What Impact Do You Think Your Experience Of Making A Solo Album Is Having On The Third Spice Girls Album?Melanie C
41.Is Fitting In The Spice Girls Work With Your Various Solo Projects Quite A Juggling Act?Melanie C
42.How Far Have You Got With The Spice Girls Album And Which Producers Have You Been Working With This Time?Melanie C
43.How Is The Spice Gils Cartoon Progressing And Are There Any Other Spice Projects In The Pipeline?Melanie C
44.With The Approach Of The Millennium Are You Doing A Lot Of Looking Back Or Are You The Sort Of Person Who's Always Looking Forward?Melanie C
45.Looking Ahead To The Rest Of This Year And The First Half Of 2000, What Plans Do You Have?Melanie C
46.How Are You Going To Celebrate The Millennium?Melanie C
47.How Do You Feel About Being Part Of One Of The Biggest Musical Phenomena Of The 20th Century?Melanie C
48.ID: "Goin' Down"Melanie C
49.ID: "Northern Star"Melanie C
50.ID: ChristmasMelanie C
51.ID: MillenniumMelanie C

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