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1How Did This Album Come About?Metallica
2What Motivated You To Do A Covers Album?Metallica
3How Did You Choose Which Songs And Artists To Cover?Metallica
4Doing Covers In Nothing New For Metallica Is It?Metallica
5How Did You Choose The Album Title?Metallica
6How Does The Project Differ From Your First "Garage" Collection?Metallica
7So Let's Talk About "Whiskey In The Jar"...Metallica
8And "Turn The Page"Metallica
9So With "Turn The Page" The Song Came First But In General Did You Pick The Artists You Loved And Then Choose The Song Of Theirs You Wanted To Cover?...Metallica
10Why Did You Choose The Nick Cave Song "Loverman"?Metallica
11Why Did You Decide Upon A Medley Of Merciful Fate Songs?Metallica
12What Sort Of Guitar Sound Where You Aiming For On This Album?Metallica
13James, Have The Songs On This Album Really Stretched You Vocally And As A Singer Do You Think You've Gained In Confidence Over The Years?Metallica
14Why Was Bob (Rock) The Best Producer For This Project?Metallica
15Let's Talk About Your Cover Of "Sabbra Cadabra"...Metallica
16And "Tuesday's Gone"Metallica
17How Did You Pick Which Diamond Head Song To Do?Metallica
18Was "Astronomy" A Real Challenge?Metallica
19Tell Us About Your Other Current Project, The DVD Movie Of Your Live Performance...Metallica
20You Spend A Lot Of Time On The Road, So What's Next On The Touring Front?Metallica
21Has Making This Album Changed Your Approach To How You'll Work In The Future?Metallica
22When You're Ready To Make A New Album, Where Do You Start?Metallica
23When Can We Expect Your Next Album And Can You Give Us Any Clues As To What Direction You'll Be Going In?Metallica

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