Moby - 18 Interview

1How did it feel, making another album against the backdrop of 'Play' selling 10 million copies?Moby1:06
2Was there a point when scale of the success of 'Play' actually hit you and you realised what it meant?Moby1:11
3Did you have a sense of vindication about your success, because there have been times when people have been sceptical about what you do?Moby0:46
4In retrospect, what are your feelings regarding the use of the music from 'Play' in advertising or film?Moby1:06
5Following the commercial success of 'Play', how do you feel about the old cliché of wealth being corrosive to the soul? Do you find there's any truth in that?Moby1:31
6When you came to make '18' did you have a really clear idea about what you wanted to do?Moby0:59
7Were you planning '18' while you were touring, because you toured for two years pretty much beforehand?Moby0:50
8After the release of 'Play', you were quoted as saying you wanted to make an album in the spirit of Bill Withers or Al Green meeting Massive Attack. Was that still in your mind when you actually started to make it?Moby0:59
9Do you think the punk rock thing has gone forever? You laughed at the success of 'Everything Is Wrong', you made 'Animal Rights' and you said that was like a contrary thing to do. Do you think that now you've abandoned that kind of oppoditional thing?Moby0:51
10So the kind of stuff that you were listening to that was feeding into this new record was old Soul and R&B?Moby0:36
11The album was recorded from February 2001 to recently. What else was happening around that time?Moby1:26
12How much of the material on '18' was written after September the 11th?Moby0:30
13There's a wide range of musical styles on '18'. Was that a deliberate decision when you set out to make the record?Moby0:52
14The new album deals with extreme emotions, which is what you've always done. How do you get yourself into the state of mind where you can produce that kind of material, when you have to do it every day?Moby1:34
15Is there a direct correlation between what's going on in your life at the time and the way your music evolves or is it more a question of drawing on the history of the emotional experience?Moby0:29
16In terms of putting this record together, did you bring in any other people as players or at a production level?Moby0:25
17Do you ever consider the idea of working with other musicians?Moby0:29
18On '18' did you want to make less obvious use of samples?Moby0:50
19After the success of 'Play', you had a great abundance of possibilities. Was having such huge resources available to you a problem?Moby1:46
20The album starts with 'We Are All Made Of Stars', which is a kind of euphoric, anthemic thing with guitars and synthesizers. How did that come about?Moby1:51
21In terms of when you are looking for samples, what is the process? Do you have a library?Moby0:25
22What are you looking for in a voice when you are searching for a suitable sample?Moby0:52
23Which vocalists feature on 'Jam For the Ladies'?Moby0:56
24'Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)', was that really the day before your birthday? Was that a literal title?Moby0:32
25Does 'Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)' feature a sampled vocal or performance?Moby0:32
26Are you ever surprised at how well songs featuring vocal samples turn out?Moby0:54
27Can you tell us about the piece you were asked to compose for the Olympics?Moby0:49
28In order to write the piece for the Olympics did you have to visualise the event, because it was to be used for the moment they extinguish the torch.Moby0:29
29'Harbour' is the song with vocals from Sinéad O' Connor. How did you end up working with her?Moby0:36
30Did you meet Sinéad and work with her on the track?Moby1:00
31'Great Escape' features another female vocalist. Who is that?Moby0:23
32'Fireworks' seems to hark back to some of the ambient minimalist instrumentals you've done previously. Is that area of music still an interest to you?Moby0:37
33'Extreme Ways' features one of the fullest lyrics on the album. Could you tell us something about this song?Moby0:54
34Can you tell us something about 'Sleep Alone'?Moby1:11
35What about 'At Least We Tried'?Moby1:16
36Who sang the vocals on 'At Least We Tried'?Moby0:37
37'Look Back In' acts as a kind of musical interlude on the album. Did you compose the piece with this specific perpose in mind?Moby0:44
38Towards the end of the album there are two songs, 'The Rafters' and 'I'm Not Worried At All', which seem to be a lot more joyful. Was that intentional?Moby1:27
39Who was the vocalist on 'I'm Not Worried At All'?Moby0:11
40Did you think the ammount of different musical influences on '18' make it a difficult album for the listener to understand?Moby1:15
41Do you think that your life experiences have made it possible for you to make particularly moving music?Moby0:46
42Previous albums have come with statements, essays on religion and animal rights. Is there going to be anything similar on this one?Moby1:15
43Are you planning to tour this record as hard as you did with 'Play'?Moby1:18
44Are you ready to go through the media treadmill all over again?Moby0:50
45Do you think we're in a good phase for pop music at the moment or do you think it's harder for people who are unorthodox, like you are thought to be?Moby1:19
46Do you have total confidence that you are achieving everything you want to achieve in life by working exclusively with music?Moby1:08
47Is there anything that you particularly want to persue outside of music?Moby0:20
48Do you have a long term plan - a long term Moby plan?Moby0:43
49Why do you think you've collaborated with so many diverse artists over the course of your carreer?Moby1:30
50Last question - so what would be better: an appearance in South Park or selling more than 10 million albums?Moby0:29

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