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1It's been a long time since your last album. What have you been doing with yourself?Moby1:01
2Your new album, why is it a rock album when you're more known as a dance/techno artists?Moby1:26
3What do you think your dance fans will make of this new rock direction?Moby0:41
4What about Courtney Love asking you to produce her next record?Moby0:45
5The first single off the ablum is called "That's When I Reach For My Revolver". It's a cover song -- what's it about?Moby0:28
6You just did a mix for Metallica. What was their response to the mix?Moby0:57
7Why is the new album called "Animal Rights"? What made you choose that title?Moby1:21
8You toured with the Red Hot Chili Peppers -- how was it?Moby1:02
9The last album was called "Everything Is Wrong". Is everything still wrong?Moby1:10
10Why did you also recently record a Voodoo Child album?Moby0:57
11What have you been listening to recently?Moby0:52
12What is life like for you in Manhattan?Moby1:06
13When you go out dancing where do you go?Moby0:35
14How's your love life?Moby0:46
15What do you think of Britpop?Moby1:19
16What do you think of jungle?Moby0:27
17What do you think of grunge?Moby0:50
18What about the Smashing Pumpkins mix?Moby0:50
19Why does it say on your records "thanks to Jesus Christ"?Moby1:00
20What do you want to do in 10 years time?Moby0:46
21So what is your live show like now?Moby0:33
22What do you do for fun?Moby0:22
23Describe your ideal woman.Moby0:47
24American politics -- do you follow them?Moby0:53
25What about global politics?Moby1:20
26What is it like playing festivals?Moby1:04
27What about your record company in Europe -- Mute Records?Moby1:03
28The new album -- who played on it?Moby0:33
29What are the songs on "Animal Rights" about?Moby0:52
30What is "Come On Baby" about?Moby0:15
31What is "Someone To Love" about?Moby0:35
32What is "Soft" all about?Moby0:56
33And the song "Heavy Flow"?Moby0:09
34What is the song "You" about?Moby0:14
35What is "Say It's All Mine" about?Moby0:19
36What about "My Love Will Never Die"?Moby0:16
37The song "Face It" -- what's that about?Moby0:24

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