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1How did you get your name?Moby0:47
2Where are you from?Moby0:23
3And do you live in NY now?Moby0:22
4What was the environment like as a child, was it a musically inspirational one?Moby1:09
5What were your ambitions at the time when you saw both extremes in your relatives, what could you see yourself doing and what were your pre-occupations?Moby0:31
6How did you discover music?Moby0:37
7Did you play any instruments at this point? Did you get your hairbrush and sing in front of the mirror?Moby0:53
8What sort of child were you? How do you think your peers might have described you?Moby0:45
9What was school like and were you given encouragement there?Moby1:14
10Do you think that's different from now then?Moby1:28
11What did you do from 18 onwards?Moby0:46
12What did you learn from your philosophy course?Moby1:26
13What did you learn from being in all those other bands?Moby0:58
14So how did the Moby techno wizard start out as a DJ?Moby1:51
15And what's the progression in the music in your view?Moby0:52
16Which brings us to your LP, what inspiration, what influences and different styles of music happen happen to be on the new LP?Moby0:55
17What groups then influenced you in the making of the record?Moby0:34
18Why the title?Moby0:52
19What message do you want to promote, if there is one?Moby1:20
20Do you think music can promote a message?Moby0:47
21There's a lot of spirituality I feel in your LP, that is something obviously close to your heart because you are a christian?Moby1:38
22What are those things?Moby1:53
23Do you read the bible?Moby0:26
24Tell us about the sleeve notes on your LP.Moby1:15
25You mentioned veganism, what was it that turned you on to being vegan and when was it?Moby1:38
26Do people ever comment on your veganism?Moby1:06
27Are you a member of any other organisations, political organisations?Moby0:23
28And what contributions do you make?Moby0:44
29What would spur you to do that - Give up techno?Moby0:55
30What do you think the best response would be to your new album?Moby1:12
31Surely it must be difficult for record companies who mainly exist on categorising different sorts of music and packaging.Moby1:18
32Do you collaborate with anybody?Moby0:52
33Do you sing on the LP?Moby0:20
34And what's that like?Moby0:59
35When will you be touring?Moby1:07
36Plans ahead for the next few months after the tour, what do you hope to do or hope to have achieved by the end of '95?Moby1:07
37What's this about Joy Division, what is their appeal and why do you want to cover the music?Moby1:00
38What do people find you like to work with?Moby0:54
39Can you see yourself collaborating with anyone in the future?Moby0:43
40Are they still going?Moby0:23
41Lastly, you're reputed non smoking, non drinking, non taking drugs even, what's a fun night out with Moby actually like?Moby1:14
42Okay then where have you been touring?Moby0:55
43What do you think of Europe?Moby1:38
44How does techno go down in different parts of Europe?Moby1:38
45What are your fans like?Moby0:50

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