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1How did you select the tracks for your new album, "Go - The Very Best Of Moby"?Moby0:35
2Is it fair to say that the tracklisting includes your most successful singles?Moby0:26
3Which Greatest Hits or Best Of albums do you listen to yourself?Moby0:38
4When you look back over your musical output in the last 15 years, do you see a common spirit or ambition to what you do? Could you define your underlying drive in making music?Moby0:50
5In the press you're often described as controversial. Why is this? Do you feel controversial?Moby0:45
6So have there been times when you've felt isolated, working in the medium of dance music?Moby0:24
7Few artists would have essays about environmentalism or the dangers of fundamentalism as their sleeve notes, but it seems quite a natural thing for you to do that. You seem to be driven by a sense of integrity. Would you say that's accurate?Moby1:32
8There also seems to be a search for profundity in your music and a belief that music can affect people really deeply. Is that an underlying element to what you do?Moby0:30
9Although you're known for being a very engaged and conscious artist, is it important that you've kept this away from the actual music? You may be vegan, you may loath George Bush, but you don't sing about these things.Moby0:50
10Your first musical influences seem to be mainly punk and new wave. What first attracted you about making dance music?Moby1:21
11The title track of the new album is "Go". What gave you the idea of sampling the "Twin Peaks" theme on that song?Moby0:56
12Another track on this album is "Feeling So Real". What led you to call an album "Everything Is Wrong"?Moby1:20
13At the beginning of your career, you were best known for being the "vegan teetotal celibate Christian dance star". Can you talk a bit about what led you to make those lifestyle choices?Moby1:28
14What prompted the quantum leap from making dance music to making the punk rock album "Animal Rights"?Moby0:54
15Are you still proud of "Animal Rights"?Moby0:29
16How did you come to record a James Bond theme?Moby0:38
17Can we talk now specifically about "Play" and your memories of making "Play". Can you say what attracted you to the Lomax recordings of the 1930s Blues and Gospel singers?Moby0:58
18What appealed about combining the Gospel voices with ultra-modern electronic music?Moby0:40
19When you were making "Play", did you have any inkling you were making something with the potential to be a huge success, commercially?Moby1:11
20Is it possible to say why tracks like "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?", "Natural Blues" and "Porcelain" pull at the heartstrings so much?Moby0:17
21One of the biggest hits from "Play" was "Porcelain". Can you tell us anything about the background to this song?Moby0:28
22One element in the success of "Play" was that a lot of the tracks were licensed to advertisements. How did that came about?Moby0:56
23"Play" has now sold over 10 million copies. After years of struggle, how did you initially react to such a colossal success?Moby0:57
24Huge success can often change people for the worst. Was there a danger of that with you or have you managed to stay fairly grounded throughout the whole experience?Moby0:59
25You also seem to be a person with a degree of shyness and a very high degree of self-awareness. Do these qualities sit well with celebrity?Moby1:30
26How difficult was it to follow up a huge record like "Play"?Moby0:48
27"18" has been described as being musically similar to "Play". Would you say that was fair?Moby1:19
28"We Are All Made Of Stars" is a very beautiful track. Can you tell us a little bit about it?Moby1:03
29On the last album "Hotel", you seemed to make a lot less use of samples. Was there any particular reason for that?Moby0:46
30"Hotel" also featured you singing quite a lot more. Is singing something that you enjoy?Moby0:36
31"New York, New York" features guest vocals by Debbie Harry. How did this collaboration come about?Moby0:39
32Did you have Debbie in mind when you wrote the song?Moby0:17
33Would you describe yourself as a big Blondie fan?Moby0:23
34Around the time that "18" came out you claimed you'd written about three thousand songs in your life to date. Are you still so prolific?Moby0:57
35Of all the videos you've made, which is the most memorable and why?Moby0:29
36Your music makes a lot of people very happy and moves them a great deal. Is this something that you give thought to and does this make you happy?Moby1:07
37If you could pinpoint one moment as the personal highlight of your career to date, what would that be?Moby0:27
38What would you be doing if you weren't a musician and why?Moby0:44
39Finally, what's next after the Best Of?Moby0:33

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