Moby - Hotel Interview

1Why is your new album called "Hotel"?Moby1:26
2Is "Hotel" your first album which contains no samples?Moby0:42
3Do you think that there's some kind of overriding theme that runs through the album?Moby0:24
4How would you say this album ralates to your previous album "18"?Moby0:54
5Does the crytical reaction to your records affect how you make the next record?Moby1:19
6This album opens and closes with instrumental pieces. Was there a specific reason for this?Moby0:49
7Can you picture a hotel when you're thinking of this album or is it not as clear as that?Moby1:10
8One of the highlights of "Hotel" is "Raining Again". Could you tell us anything about this one?Moby1:05
9Some of the songs on the album seem to have a very special Bowie-esque quality about them. How much of an influence has David Bowie been on your life and music?Moby1:01
10Could you tell us anything about the song "Beautiful"? Was there anybody or anything which inspired this one?Moby1:18
11You've covered Joy Division in the past and there's a re-working of a New Order song on the album. Would you consider them to be a major influence on your music?Moby0:31
12The first single from "Hotel" is "Lift Me Up". Could you tell us anything about this song?Moby2:22
13Can you tell us anything about "Where You End"?Moby1:00
14What abou the re-working of New Order's "Temptation"?Moby1:03
15Could you tell us about "Dream About Me"?Moby1:26
16"Very" has a real disco feel to it. How did that song come about?Moby0:48
17Can you tell us anything about the song "I Like It"?Moby0:34
18What about "Love Should"?Moby0:43
19Another highlight of "Hotel" is "Slipping Away". Can you tell us anything about this song?Moby1:07
20The limited edition of "Hotel" contains a bonus CD featuring your ambient material. Can you tell us anything about this?Moby0:39
21Does ambient music work like that for you? The kind of therapeutic effect?Moby1:33
22As well as recording your ambient music, you also record under the alias Voodoo Child. Is this there because you can't do everything that you want under the name Moby?Moby0:31
23What's stayed with you from punk rock?Moby0:39
24What's stayed with you from acid house?Moby0:30
25Is dance music dead?Moby0:39
26What's the future for you after this record?Moby1:12

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