Moby - Play Interview

1What is your real name?Moby0:12
2Where and when were you born?Moby0:23
3When did you first feel the need to make music?Moby0:26
4How old were you when you formed your first band?Moby0:31
5Could you tell us about the various bands you were in before going solo?Moby0:32
6Were you an outrageous teenager?Moby0:21
7Did you ever get into serious trouble at school?Moby0:30
8At what point did you decide to go solo as a musician?Moby0:29
9Is it true that you're related to the guy who wrote Moby Dick?Moby0:23
10What was the first Moby single?Moby0:20
11A lot of people still only know you because of Go. Do you ever wish you'd never sampled the Twin Peaks music?Moby0:30
12Do you think that you're misunderstood as a musician?Moby0:28
13Have you been unfairly treated by the media?Moby0:18
14You're always going against the grain of contemporary music fashion - why?Moby0:28
15Why do you think so many people found Animal Rights so hard to understand?Moby0:40
16When you released Everything Is Wrong, it was called eclectic. Then you did Animal Rights and it was condemned for being too straight-ahead rock. Now you've released Play which combines a number of styles with huge subtlety, yet you seem to be criticised for not being eclectic in the right way - does this bother you?Moby0:25
17At what age did you find Christianity?Moby0:58
18How do you feel about the extreme right-wing Christian groups who have taken such a hold of the United States, and how does this sit next to your religious beliefs?Moby0:39
19Does it bother you that people always refer to your religious beliefs and veganism as if they were a bit weird?Moby0:39
20Why do you think so many people seem bothered or offended by your sleeve note essays?Moby0:18
21Are you an outsider by nature?Moby0:31
22What are your favourite moments of Play?Moby0:26
23Most post-rave artists seem to collaborate with other musicians and singers these days. Would you do that at any point?Moby0:35
24How did Play come about? What were the main influences?Moby0:29
25Is it true that you were influenced by Puff Daddy On Play?Moby0:27
26Play was dismissed by many when it was first released. Now it seems that the very same people are hailing it as one of the best albums of 1999. Does this bother you?Moby0:50
27Has the belated succes of Play taken you by surprise?Moby0:38
28Is it true that you've recorded a pop album ad another hardcore rock album as well?Moby0:31
29Where did the title Play come from?Moby0:45
30How did you find the field recordings on Play, and who did the originals?Moby0:40
31Is Play the sound of Richard Hall finally growing up?Moby0:31
32How would you describe the sound of Play?Moby0:31
33Is it true that you asked the Prodigy's Liam Howlett to help at one point?Moby0:33
34You toured the US with the Prodigy in the early nineties - would you agree to do that again?Moby0:33
35What's your favourite place in the world to perform, and why?Moby0:39
36What's the strangest experience you've ever had on the road?Moby1:15
37Do you still enjoy playing live?Moby0:35
38What's the most Rock 'n' Roll thing you've done?Moby0:43
39What brought you the greatest joy last year?Moby0:49
40Which character from the Simpsons is most like you?Moby0:46
41What are your biggest regrets?Moby0:50
42What's your favourite song from your own catalogue?Moby0:30
43What song would you have played at the birth of your child?Moby0:41
44How about the song for your funeral?Moby0:26
45Who would be in your fantasy band?Moby0:49
46What would you be doing if you weren't a musician?Moby0:31

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