Nat King Cole - 10 CD-Set

Nat King Cole
Nat King Cole
1-01Dixie JamboreeNat King Cole3:02
1-10You're So DifferentNat King Cole2:57
1-11I Wouldn't Have Known ItNat King Cole2:30
1-12Let's Get HappyNat King Cole2:15
1-13I Like To RiffNat King Cole2:48
1-14On The Sunny Side Of The StreetNat King Cole2:54
1-15Black Spider StompNat King Cole2:36
1-16By The River Sainte MarieNat King Cole2:22
1-17Sweet LorraineNat King Cole2:55
1-18Honeysuckle RoseNat King Cole2:32
1-19Gone With The DraftNat King Cole2:41
1-02There's No Anaesthetic For LoveNat King Cole3:11
1-20This Side UpNat King Cole2:45
1-21BabsNat King Cole2:24
1-22Scotchin' With The SodaNat King Cole2:30
1-23Slow DownNat King Cole3:08
1-24Early Morning BluesNat King Cole2:40
1-03Ta-De-AhNat King Cole2:36
1-04Rifflin' At The Bar-B-QNat King Cole2:03
1-05Harlem SwingNat King Cole2:29
1-06I Lost Control Of MyselfNat King Cole3:12
1-07The Land Of Make BelieveNat King Cole2:48
1-08That "Please Be Mineable" FeelingNat King Cole2:14
1-09Dancing In The StreetNat King Cole3:03
2-01I Like To RiffNat King Cole2:47
2-10I Can't Get StartedNat King Cole4:52
2-11Tea For TwoNat King Cole4:45
2-12Body And SoulNat King Cole5:08
2-13Vom, Vin VeedleNat King Cole2:58
2-14All For YouNat King Cole3:24
2-15Let's Spring OnNat King Cole2:40
2-16Beautiful Moons AgoNat King Cole2:24
2-17Pitchin' Up A BoogieNat King Cole3:09
2-18I'm LostNat King Cole3:08
2-19F.S.T. (Fine, Sweet & Tasty)Nat King Cole3:04
2-02This Will Make You LaughNat King Cole3:16
2-20My Lips Remember You KissesNat King Cole3:05
2-21Cole A PennyNat King Cole2:33
2-22Let's PretendNat King Cole3:14
2-23Straighten Up And Fly RightNat King Cole2:26
2-24Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To YouNat King Cole2:54
2-03Stop! The Red Light's OnNat King Cole2:38
2-04Hit The RampNat King Cole3:22
2-05Call The PoliceNat King Cole3:10
2-06Are You Fer It?Nat King Cole3:09
2-07That Ain't RightNat King Cole3:15
2-08Hit That Jive JackNat King Cole2:57
2-09IndianaNat King Cole4:52
3-01If You Can't Smile And Say YesNat King Cole3:06
3-10HeadsNat King Cole4:06
3-11Pro-SkyNat King Cole4:55
3-12It Had To Be YouNat King Cole3:47
3-13I Can't Give You Anything But LoveNat King Cole4:18
3-14Look What You've Done To MeNat King Cole3:03
3-15Easy Listening BluesNat King Cole3:11
3-16I Realize NowNat King Cole3:10
3-17Bring Another DrinkNat King Cole2:20
3-18I You Can't Smile And Say Yes, Please Don't Cry And Say NoNat King Cole2:34
3-19A Pile O' ColeNat King Cole1:40
3-02Sweet LorraineNat King Cole3:09
3-20Any Old TimeNat King Cole2:57
3-21Bring Another DrinkNat King Cole2:35
3-22CandyNat King Cole2:18
3-23A Trio Grooves In BrooklynNat King Cole2:29
3-24You Can Depend On MeNat King Cole2:57
3-03Embraceable YouNat King Cole3:23
3-04It's Only A PaperNat King Cole2:55
3-05I Just Can't See For Lookin'Nat King Cole3:07
3-06The Man I LoveNat King Cole3:20
3-07Body And SoulNat King Cole3:20
3-08Prelude In C Sharp MinorNat King Cole2:56
3-09What Is This Thing Called Love?Nat King Cole2:58
4-01RiffamoraleNat King Cole2:51
4-10I Tho't You Ought To KnowNat King Cole2:53
4-11It Only Happens OnceNat King Cole2:56
4-12Black Market StuffNat King Cole2:44
4-13Laguna LeapNat King Cole2:57
4-14I'll Never Be The SameNat King Cole3:15
4-15Swingin' On CentralNat King Cole2:54
4-16Nat's Kick (Part 1)Nat King Cole2:53
4-17Nat's Kick (Part 2)Nat King Cole3:11
4-18Satchel Mouth BabyNat King Cole2:44
4-19Solid Potato SaladNat King Cole2:06
4-02Stormy WeatherNat King Cole3:11
4-20It's Better To Be YourselfNat King Cole2:55
4-21Come To Baby, DoNat King Cole3:05
4-22The Frim Fram SauceNat King Cole3:18
4-23I'm An Errand Boy For RhythmNat King Cole2:20
4-24This Way OutNat King Cole3:03
4-25I Know That You KnowNat King Cole2:28
4-03If I Could Be With YouNat King Cole2:44
4-04I'm A Shy GuyNat King Cole2:55
4-05You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves YouNat King Cole2:51
4-06Don't Blame MeNat King Cole3:24
4-07What Can I Say After I Say I'm SorryNat King Cole2:34
4-08I'm Thru With LoveNat King Cole2:56
4-09Sweet Georgia BrownNat King Cole2:19
5-01Oh, But I DoNat King Cole2:50
5-10Everyone Is Sayin' Hello AgainNat King Cole2:40
5-11Route 66Nat King Cole3:02
5-12What Can I Say After I Say That I'm SorryNat King Cole3:03
5-13To A Wild RoseNat King Cole3:15
5-14Could-' JaNat King Cole3:02
5-15Baby, Baby All The TimeNat King Cole3:01
5-16Oh, But I DoNat King Cole2:40
5-17Rex RhumbaNat King Cole3:18
5-18But She's My Buddy's ChickNat King Cole3:07
5-19You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love)Nat King Cole3:05
5-02How Does It FeelNat King Cole2:56
5-20The Christmas SongNat King Cole3:14
5-21The Best ManNat King Cole3:12
5-22The Christmas SongNat King Cole3:12
5-23You Should Have Told MeNat King Cole2:56
5-03Can't Believe That You're In Love With MeNat King Cole3:04
5-04The Way You Look TonightNat King Cole3:09
5-05Airness A La NatNat King Cole2:37
5-06My Old FlameNat King Cole3:02
5-07I'm In The Mood For LoveNat King Cole3:13
5-08Don't Know Why (I Just Do)Nat King Cole3:12
5-09Route 66Nat King Cole3:02
6-01(I Love You) For Sentimental ReasonsNat King Cole2:56
6-10Can You Look Me In The EyesNat King Cole2:50
6-11Meet Me At No Special PlaceNat King Cole3:15
6-12Naughty AngelineNat King Cole2:45
6-13I Miss You SoNat King Cole3:06
6-14That's WhatNat King Cole2:27
6-15HoneysuckleNat King Cole2:40
6-16It's Kind Of Lonesome Out TonightNat King Cole3:16
6-17For Once In Your LifeNat King Cole3:01
6-18I Think You Get What I MeanNat King Cole2:40
6-19But All I've Got Is MeNat King Cole2:51
6-02In The Cool Of The EveningNat King Cole2:58
6-20I Can't Be BotheredNat King Cole2:44
6-21When I Take My Sugar To TeaNat King Cole2:23
6-22Rhumba AzulNat King Cole2:32
6-03That's The Beginning Of The EndNat King Cole3:05
6-04Smoke Gets In Your EyesNat King Cole2:56
6-05I Want To Thank You FolksNat King Cole3:15
6-06You're The Cream In My CoffeeNat King Cole2:31
6-07Come In Out Of The RainNat King Cole2:58
6-08You Don't Learn That In SchoolNat King Cole3:11
6-09You Be You (But Let Me Be Me)Nat King Cole3:08
7-01I Never Had I ChanceNat King Cole2:51
7-10Moonlight In VermontNat King Cole3:13
7-11Poor ButterflyNat King Cole2:34
7-12How High The MoonNat King Cole2:41
7-13I'll Never Be The SameNat King Cole2:49
7-14These Foolish ThingsNat King Cole3:14
7-15Cole CapersNat King Cole1:55
7-16Blues In My ShowerNat King Cole2:53
7-17Wanna Be A Friend Of YoursNat King Cole2:12
7-18Ke Mo Ki (The Magic Song)Nat King Cole2:21
7-19Three Blind MiceNat King Cole2:35
7-02What'll DoNat King Cole3:04
7-20Save The Bones For Henry JonesNat King Cole2:40
7-21My Baby Likes To Be-BopNat King Cole2:27
7-22HarmonyNat King Cole2:56
7-23You Can't Make Money Dreamin'Nat King Cole2:29
7-24There's A Train Out For DreamlandNat King Cole2:34
7-03This Is My Night To DreamNat King Cole2:23
7-04Makin' WhoopeeNat King Cole2:31
7-05There I've Said ItNat King Cole3:11
7-06I'll String Along With YouNat King Cole3:12
7-07The Trouble With Me Is YouNat King Cole2:24
7-08Too Marvelous For WordsNat King Cole2:33
7-09Three Little WordsNat King Cole2:39
8-01My Sleepy HeadNat King Cole2:44
8-10Lament In ChordsNat King Cole2:58
8-11Those Things Money Can't BuyNat King Cole2:48
8-12Love NestNat King Cole2:35
8-13Dream A Little Dream Of MeNat King Cole2:50
8-14Then I'll Be Tired Of YouNat King Cole3:10
8-15Little GirlNat King Cole2:25
8-16No Moon At AllNat King Cole2:58
8-17I Feel So SmoochieNat King Cole2:39
8-18A Boy From Texas - A Girl From TennesseeNat King Cole2:41
8-19It's The Sentimental Thing To DoNat King Cole3:07
8-02Brahm's LullabyNat King Cole3:16
8-20I've Only Myself To BlameNat King Cole3:03
8-21The GeekNat King Cole3:13
8-22ConfessNat King Cole2:57
8-23If I Had YouNat King Cole3:00
8-03Nature BoyNat King Cole2:39
8-04Nursery RhymesNat King Cole2:47
8-05Old MacDonald Had A FarmNat King Cole2:42
8-06The Three TreesNat King Cole2:40
8-07Laguna MoodNat King Cole2:57
8-08Now He Tells MeNat King Cole2:34
8-09That's A Natural FactNat King Cole2:36
9-01Flo And JoeNat King Cole2:43
9-10LiletteNat King Cole3:01
9-11LulubelleNat King Cole2:13
9-12Leap HereNat King Cole3:24
9-13Portrait Of JennieNat King Cole3:07
9-14Don't Cry, Cry BabyNat King Cole3:07
9-15An Old Piano Plays The BluesNat King Cole3:22
9-16You Can't Lose A Broken HeartNat King Cole2:59
9-17My Baby Just Cares For MeNat King Cole2:46
9-18Can I Come In For A SecondNat King Cole2:50
9-19Baby Won't You Say You Love MeNat King Cole2:57
9-02If You Stub Your Toe On The MoonNat King Cole3:21
9-20Monday AgainNat King Cole3:10
9-03Return TripNat King Cole3:01
9-04A Woman Always UnderstandsNat King Cole3:02
9-05Put 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A RibbonNat King Cole2:41
9-06I've Got A Way With WomenNat King Cole2:45
9-07My Fair LadyNat King Cole3:08
9-08Lost AprilNat King Cole3:02
9-09Lost AprilNat King Cole2:57
10-01I'll Never Say "Never Again" AgainNat King Cole2:48
10-10Too YoungNat King Cole3:37
10-11Red Sails In The SunsetNat King Cole3:16
10-12Wish I Were Somebody ElseNat King Cole2:44
10-13UnforgettableNat King Cole3:27
10-14PretendNat King Cole2:46
10-15It's CrazyNat King Cole2:21
10-16You Stepped Out Of A DreamNat King Cole2:36
10-17Where Were YouNat King Cole2:18
10-18Summer Is A Comin' InNat King Cole3:08
10-19Funny (Not Much)Nat King Cole2:59
10-02Almost Lost My MindNat King Cole3:01
10-20There Goes My HeartNat King Cole2:52
10-21I Love You For Sentimental ReasonsNat King Cole2:53
10-22TenderlyNat King Cole2:56
10-23This Can't Be LoveNat King Cole2:30
10-24Almost Like Being In LoveNat King Cole1:51
10-03The Greatest Inventor Of Them AllNat King Cole2:17
10-04Orange Colored SkinNat King Cole2:32
10-05Jam-BoNat King Cole2:54
10-06Get To GettingNat King Cole2:20
10-07Paint Yourself A WindowNat King Cole2:21
10-08Destination MoonNat King Cole2:42
10-09That's My GirlNat King Cole2:21

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