Neil Young - A Perfect Echo Volume 1 (1967-1989)

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Neil Young
Neil Young
1-1Mr. Soul (Hollywood, CA 11-Aug-1967)Neil Young6:26
1-2Birds (Los Angeles, CA 26-Aug-1969)Neil Young2:38
1-3I've Loved Her So Long (Los Angeles, CA 26-Aug-1969)Neil Young2:14
1-4Sea Of Madness (Big Sur, CA, 13-Sep-1969)Neil Young3:45
1-5Helpless (Houston, TX, 18-Dec-1969)Neil Young3:29
1-6Country Girl (Houston, TX, 18-Dec-1969)Neil Young5:01
1-7Broken Arrow (Cincinnati, OH 25-Feb-1970)Neil Young5:18
1-8Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)Neil Young4:04
1-9Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)Neil Young3:10
1-10Winterlong (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)Neil Young3:40
1-11Cinnamon Girl (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)Neil Young3:30
1-12Cowgirl In The Sand (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)Neil Young14:42
1-13On The Way Home (Los Angeles, CA 28-Jun-1970)Neil Young3:13
1-14Tell Me Why (Los Angeles, CA 28-Jun-1970)Neil Young3:02
1-15Out On The Weekend (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)Neil Young3:52
1-16Journey Through The Past (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)Neil Young2:58
1-17Love In Mind (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)Neil Young1:59
2-1Walk On (Westbury, NY, 8-Sep-1974)Neil Young3:22
2-2Ambulance Blues (Westbury, NY, 8-Sep-1974)Neil Young7:24
2-3Lookin' For A Love (San Francisco, CA, 23-Mar-1975)Neil Young2:57
2-4No One Seems To Know (Tokyo, Japan, 10-Mar-1976)Neil Young2:28
2-5Human Highway (London, England, 31-Mar-1976)Neil Young2:56
2-6Cortez The Killer (London, England, 31-Mar-1976)Neil Young8:00
2-7White Line (Fort Worth, TX, 10-Nov-1976)Neil Young2:29
2-8Don't Cry No Tears (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)Neil Young2:49
2-9Peace Of Mind (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)Neil Young4:33
2-10A Man Needs A Maid (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)Neil Young4:38
2-11Give Me Strength (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)Neil Young3:26
2-12Lotta Love (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)Neil Young3:49
2-13Like A Hurricane (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)Neil Young11:17
2-14Harvest (Boston, MA, 22-Nov-1976)Neil Young2:33
2-15Campaigner (Boston, MA, 22-Nov-1976)Neil Young3:18
2-16Here We Are In The Years (Atlanta, GA, 24-Nov-1976)Neil Young3:47
2-17The Losing End (Atlanta, GA, 24-Nov-1976)Neil Young3:41
3-1Thrasher (San Francisco, CA, 22-Oct-1978)Neil Young5:47
3-2Little Thing Called Love (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)Neil Young3:51
3-3Old Man (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)Neil Young8:23
3-4Transformer Man (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)Neil Young3:49
3-5Sample And Hold (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)Neil Young6:12
3-6Don't Be Denied (Dayton, OH, 18-Sep-1983)Neil Young5:02
3-7Barstool Blues (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)Neil Young4:32
3-8Touch The Night (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)Neil Young11:06
3-9Tonight's The Night (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)Neil Young9:11
3-10Comes A Time (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)Neil Young2:55
3-11Southern Pacific (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)Neil Young7:45
3-12Down By The River (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)Neil Young9:24
4-1Heart Of Gold (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)Neil Young3:00
4-2Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (New Orleans, LA, 27-Sep-1984)Neil Young4:44
4-3Road Of Plenty (Mansfield, MA, 21-Sep-1986)Neil Young8:05
4-4Hippie Dream (Minneapolis, MN, 21-Sep-1986)Neil Young5:12
4-5Prisoners Of Rock'N'Roll (Minneapolis, MN, 21-Sep-1986)Neil Young3:58
4-6When You Dance I Can Really Love (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)Neil Young4:04
4-7See The Sky About To Rain (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)Neil Young3:53
4-8Mideast Vacation (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)Neil Young4:45
4-9Southern Man (Oakland, CA, 4-Dec-1988)Neil Young4:44
4-10For The Turnstiles (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jun-1989)Neil Young4:09
4-11Sugar Mountain (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jun-1989)Neil Young5:03
4-12Four Strong Winds (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jun-1989)Neil Young3:48
4-13Cocaine Eyes (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jun-1989)Neil Young3:58
4-14Like A Hurricane (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jun-1989)Neil Young7:23
4-15Rockin' In The Free World (New York, NY, 30-Sep-1989)Neil Young5:23

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