Neil Young - Road Of Plenty (The Unreleased Songs 1966 - 2010 & Live Rarities 1969 - 1984)

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Neil Young
Neil Young
1-1I'll Wait Forever [Studio 1966]Neil Young2:37
1-2Come Along And Say You Will [Detroit 8/1/73]Neil Young3:18
1-3Sweet Joni [Bakersfield 11/3/73]Neil Young2:22
1-4Greensleeves [NYC 16/5/74]Neil Young2:06
1-5Hawaiian Sunrise [Westbury 8/9/74]Neil Young2:55
1-6Homefires [Milwaukee 21/7/74]Neil Young2:49
1-7Homefires [Upper Darby 22/3/92]Neil Young2:28
1-8Love Art Blues [Seattle 9/7/74]Neil Young2:50
1-9Love Art Blues [Antwerpen 11/2/08]Neil Young3:58
1-10Traces [Studio 1973]Neil Young2:07
1-11Traces [Oakland 14/7/74]Neil Young2:48
1-12Mediterranean [Studio 1974]Neil Young2:10
1-13Kansas [Amsterdam 18/2/08]Neil Young2:48
1-14Try [NYC 16/12/07]Neil Young3:14
1-15Separate Ways [Roskilde 1/7/93]Neil Young5:48
1-16Separate Ways [Wien 22/2/08]Neil Young3:51
1-17Give Me Strength [Chicago 15/11/76]Neil Young3:28
1-18Give Me Strength [Somerset 1/8/97]Neil Young5:46
1-19Evening Coconut [Springfield 26/6/76]Neil Young5:21
1-20No One Seems To Know [Tokyo 10/3/76]Neil Young2:30
1-21No One Seems To Know [18/5/03]Neil Young2:53
1-22No One Seems To Know [11/2/08]Neil Young2:45
2-1Sad Movies [Eppelheim 18/3/76]Neil Young3:08
2-2Sad Movies [Antwerpen 11/2/08]Neil Young3:45
2-3Lady Wingshot [Miami 12/11/77]Neil Young2:45
2-4Lady Wingshot [Eureka 18/2/89]Neil Young3:04
2-5Winward Passage [Santa Cruz 22/8/77]Neil Young8:56
2-6Bright Sunny Day [Clarkston 19/9/78]Neil Young4:12
2-7Turbine [Berkeley 3/10/80]Neil Young3:16
2-8I Wonder Why [Studio 1981]Neil Young4:22
2-9If You Got Love [Studio 1982]Neil Young3:30
2-10If You Got Love [Stockholm 9/10/82]Neil Young4:29
2-11Johnny [Studio 1982]Neil Young4:18
2-12Raining In Paradise [Studio 1982]Neil Young4:40
2-13Berlin [West Berlin 19/10/82]Neil Young6:01
2-14Love Hotel [Birmingham 24/9/82]Neil Young3:22
2-15Rock Rock Rock [Santa Cruz 6/2/84]Neil Young3:34
2-16So Tired [Santa Cruz 6/2/84]Neil Young3:13
3-1Your Love Is Good To Me [Santa Cruz 6/2/84]Neil Young4:26
3-2Your Love Is Good To Me [Toronto 18/8/88]Neil Young3:38
3-3Leavin' The Top 40 Behind [Nashville 30/6/85]Neil Young3:32
3-4Hillbilly Band [Nashville 20/4/85]Neil Young3:16
3-5Time Off For Good Behaviour [Franklin 1/7/85]Neil Young3:35
3-6Your Love Again [Nashville 26/4/85]Neil Young2:25
3-7Road Of Plenty [Mansfield 21/9/86]Neil Young8:07
3-8Welcome To The Big Room [San Francisco 12/11/87]Neil Young7:34
3-9Last Of His Kind [Clarkston 3/9/87]Neil Young3:59
3-10High Heels [San Francisco 12/11/87]Neil Young4:46
3-11Find Another Shoulder [San Francisco 12/11/87]Neil Young6:07
3-12Bad News [Toronto 18/8/88]Neil Young7:55
3-13Crime Of The Heart [Detroit 4/9/88]Neil Young6:01
3-14Doghouse [Detroit 4/9/88]Neil Young4:09
4-1Sixty To Zero [Toronto 18/8/88]Neil Young18:27
4-2Walking After Midnight [NYC 19/4/88]Neil Young4:40
4-3Born To Run [Studio 1990]Neil Young5:23
4-4Live To Ride [Torhout 3/7/93]Neil Young6:27
4-5Modern World [Portland 13/7/97]Neil Young3:59
4-6Standing In The Name Of Love [Berlin 26/6/01]Neil Young5:49
4-7Gateway Of Love [Gent 18/6/01]Neil Young8:52
4-8Sea Change [London 15/3/08]Neil Young4:00
4-9Get Around [From Video 2008]Neil Young3:35
4-10Mexico [London 15/3/08]Neil Young2:40
4-11Leia [San Francisco 8/12/10]Neil Young3:23
4-12You Never Call [San Francisco 8/12/10]Neil Young4:56
5-1Mr Soul [Bethel 18/8/69]Neil Young5:08
5-2Birds [Los Angeles 26/8/69]Neil Young2:40
5-3Sea Of Madness [Big Sur 13/9/69]Neil Young3:35
5-4Country Girl [Houston 18/12/69]Neil Young5:20
5-5Helpless [Houston 18/12/69]Neil Young3:39
5-6Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere [San Francisco 19/2/70]Neil Young2:14
5-7Everybody's Alone [San Francisco 19/2/70]Neil Young2:34
5-8Dance Dance Dance [San Francisco 19/2/70]Neil Young1:33
5-9The Loner [Cincinnati 25/2/70]Neil Young3:36
5-10Southern Man [Inglewood 26/6/70]Neil Young12:34
5-11Out On The Weekend [London 23/2/71]Neil Young3:55
5-12The Bridge [London 27/2/71]Neil Young3:48
5-13Alabama [Bakersfield 11/3/73]Neil Young4:19
5-14Soldier [NYC 21/1/73]Neil Young2:33
5-15Words [Detroit 9/1/73]Neil Young7:35
5-16New Mama [San Francisco 4/10/73]Neil Young2:23
5-17World On A String [Manchester 3/11/73]Neil Young2:32
5-18Flying On The Ground Is Wrong [NYC 15/11/73]Neil Young4:11
6-1Pushed It Over The End [London 14/9/74]Neil Young7:49
6-2Let It Shine [Clarkston 23/6/76]Neil Young4:48
6-3The Last Trip To Tulsa [Hamburg 21/3/76]Neil Young5:00
6-4Homegrown [Boston 22/11/76]Neil Young2:32
6-5Stringman [London 31/3/76]Neil Young3:33
6-6Human Highway [Santa Cruz 12/8/77]Neil Young2:59
6-7Like An Inca [Palo Alto 4/8/82]Neil Young9:15
6-8Goin' Back [Santa Cruz 5/1/83]Neil Young5:08
6-9Coastline [Santa Cruz 5/1/83]Neil Young3:42
6-10Cowgirl In The Sand [Santa Cruz 5/1/83]Neil Young4:37
6-11California Sunset [Santa Cruz 5/1/83]Neil Young3:01
6-12Country Home [Santa Cruz 5/1/83]Neil Young3:36
6-13Barstool Blues [[Santa Cruz 7/2/84]Neil Young4:18
6-14Saddle Up The Palominos [North Hollywood 19/6/84]Neil Young3:09
6-15Southern Pacific [North Hollywood 19/6/84]Neil Young6:36

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