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New Order
New Order
1What's The Title Of This New Album?New Order0:16
2How Does It Feel To Be Working Together Again?New Order1:22
3So What's It Like Getting Back On The Promotional Treadmill Again?New Order1:17
4You've All Had Side Projects Outside New Order - Have Those Experiences Been Valuable?New Order1:03
5What's The Status With Those Side Projects? Will We Hear Any More From The Other Two, Electronic Or Monaco?New Order0:52
6There Was Alot Of Bad Feeling In The Band When You Parted Company After 'Republic', Has That All Passed Now?New Order1:14
7Was There Ever A Time When You Thought You'd Never Make Another New Order Record?New Order1:14
8What Sort Of A Relationship Do You Have - Are You Still Good Mates After Everything That's Happened?New Order1:11
9Stephen, When All Three Of You Are Together Like This, You Don't Get Much Opportunity To Speak Do You Mind That?New Order0:13
10You Got Back Together For Some Gigs In The Late 90s - Did Those Inspire You To Work Together Again?New Order0:20
11How Long Did It Take You To Make This Album And Where Did You Record It?New Order1:12
12Why Did You Decide To Call In Steve Osborne To Produce This Album?New Order0:18
13How Did You Achieve That Fresh Sound?New Order0:50
14And Yet On This Album You've Still Got That Unmistakable Bass Style That You Had In The Early New Order And Joy Division Days...New Order0:20
15Why Do You Think You've Survived So Many Changes Of Musical Fashion Over The Years?New Order0:43
16To What Extent Do You Think You Can Still Embrace The Club Scene With Your Music These Days?New Order0:46
17The Technology Must Have Moved On A Lot In The Eight Years Since You Last Recorded Together...New Order1:51
18What Sort Of Music Have You Been Listening To Recently?New Order1:20
19Both Billy Corgan From The Smashing Pumpkins and Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream have collaborated with you on this album, how did the track 'Rock The Shack' With Bobby Come About First Of All?New Order0:40
20And What Made You Decide To Call Upon Billy Corgan For 'Turn My Way'?New Order0:51
21What Was It Like Working Together In The Studio With These Guys?New Order0:38
22Why Did You Pick 'Crystal' As The First Single?New Order0:16
23How Did 'Crystal' Get Written?New Order1:39
24Tell Us About '60mph'...New Order0:21
25I Suspect A Note Of Irony In That Title, '60mph'...New Order0:15
26'Run Wild' Is A Stand Out Track, It's A Lot Slower Than Most Of The Other Songs On The Album...New Order0:54
27In Contrast 'Close Range' Is A Very Frenetic Song...New Order0:35
28Do You Have A Favourite Track On This Album, Peter? ('Vicious Streak')New Order0:24
29And 'Primitive Notion' Seems To Hark Back To Those Early Days Too...New Order0:37
30Where Does The Inspiration For Your Lyrics Come From?New Order2:27
31You're Very Fond Of Rhymes In Your Lyrics - Why Do You Choose To Write Within Such Constraints?New Order1:43
32'Slow Jam' Sounds Like A Potential Single...New Order0:24
33'Someone Like You' Could Be A Love Song, Was That Your Intention When You Wrote It?New Order1:12
34Do You Ever Worry That This Songwriting Inspiration Might Dry Up?New Order0:34
35How Will These Songs Work On Stage And Will They Fit Into Your Existing Live Repertoire?New Order0:37
36Why Won't Gillian Be Joining The Band On Tour This Year?New Order0:39
37How Important Is It For You To Tour This Album Internationally?New Order0:34
38You'll Be On The Road Doing Promotion And Touring Pretty Solidly For The Next Few Months - After So Many Years Away From New Order, Are You Looking Forward To It?New Order0:43
39Are You Proud That You're Still Able To Do This After 25 Years In The Business?New Order0:23
40ID: Hi, This Is Peter... ...Our New Single.New Order0:04
41ID: Hello, This Is Bernard... ...Listening To 'Crystal'.New Order0:04
42ID: Hello, I'm Stephen... ...New Single 'Crystal'.New Order0:03
43ID: Hello, This Is Bernard... ...To '60 Mph'.New Order0:04
44ID: Hi, This Is Peter... ...'Vicious Streak'.New Order0:06
45ID: Hello, I'm Stephen... ...'Slow Jam'.New Order0:03
46ID: This Is Bernard... ...Our New Album.New Order0:05
47ID: Hi, This Is Peter... ...So Get Ready.New Order0:03

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