Nirvana - More Than Rare

1ABOUT A GIRL the alternative version of the "bleach" album classic; 1989Nirvana
2POLLY an early studio take, electric rather than acoustic; 1989Nirvana
3SPANK THRU the "bleach" album outtake, here in a re-recorded format; 1989Nirvana
4IN BLOOM the first version, recorded and mixed by butch vig; 1990Nirvana
5LOVE BUZZ a re-recording of the debut single, produced by ted de bono; 1989Nirvana
6DIVE dive into this remix, done at smart studios, madison; 1990Nirvana
7LITHIUM well the other five didn't cut it, so this is "takesix"; 1990Nirvana
8SAPPY the last take on the vig demo, let's go, roll tape butch; 1990Nirvana
9PAY TO PLAY as well as this, the original version of "stay away"; 1990Nirvana
10IMMODIUM the garbageman also caught this early version of "breed"; 1990Nirvana
11POLLY whilst at butchs' studio they cut an acoustic take; 1990Nirvana
12DRAIN YOU the same goes for this one with a great gothic middle; 1991Nirvana
13LOUNGE ACT rare live version recorded in a football stadium in argentina; 1992Nirvana
14DUMB an early version produced by mike engels & tim durham; 1991Nirvana
15JESUS DOESN'T WANT ME FOR A SUNBEAM an electric live version recorded on the "nevermind" tour; 1991Nirvana
16DEMENTIA SEVEN and they only played this on early dates on the tour; 1991Nirvana
17ENDLESS-NAMELESS an alternative version of the "nevermind" album secret track; 1991Nirvana
18HERE SHE COMES NOW as above, this is the rare electric live version; 1991Nirvana
19PENNYROYAL TEA and can you believe they were playing this live back in 1991Nirvana

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