Pet shop boys - Fundamental Interview

Pet shop boys
Pet shop boys
1So, some general questions first. Where was the album recorded? And tell us about Trevor Horn’s role as producer.Pet shop boys1:39
2It’s a very modern sounding record, but some of the synth sounds seem to be harking back to the golden age of the ’80s. Is this a retro record?Pet shop boys2:54
3There’s a lot more than the spare machine generated dance rhythms that sometimes characterize PSB tracks. Fundamental has plenty of big brass and strings. Who’s done the orchestrations?Pet shop boys0:44
4Why is the album called Fundamental? Anything to do with religious fundamentalism?Pet shop boys0:28
5OK, track by track now, through the 12 tracks on Fundamental. Track 1, Psychological, seems to me to start out with at least a hint, a flavour, of the sound of Kraftwerk’s The Model. Deliberate?Pet shop boys2:03
6Track 2 is the Sodom and Gomorrah Show. Obviously to do with the Biblical story about the twin cities destroyed by God, because of their behaviour. A Euro beat 134 BPM PSB classic, but with that sting in the tail…Pet shop boys3:11
7It starts off with a Jerry Springer figure introducing the show. Who’s that?Pet shop boys0:51
8This is such a Pet Shop Boys classic! Pretty song, swirling synths; but underneath, the velvet glove contains a steel fist…Pet shop boys1:35
9Track 3 is I Made My Excuses and Left, the well known journalistic cliché, used to get an investigative reporter out of a hole…Pet shop boys3:35
10Next up is Minimal. Art? Fashion? Music? All of them?Pet shop boys2:11
11There’s only one track on the album that doesn’t have the songwriting credit “Tennant/Lowe”; and that the 5th track, Numb. It’s a gorgeous, very sad song by Diane Warren, and it plainly comes straight from the heart… Did she come to you with the song; or did you go to her?Pet shop boys3:39
12God Willing, a short track (1.18), bridges between Numb and Luna Park. It’s almost like the track that introduces side 2, in the days when we had side 2…Pet shop boys2:06
13And now for side 2 then. Luna Park, the fairground where we all love to be scared…Pet shop boys3:09
14The first single, track 8, is I’m with Stupid, which has got plenty of publicity because on one level at least, it’s about Blair and Bush.Pet shop boys2:28
15Track 9 is Casanova in Hell. The great lover… past it.Pet shop boys1:50
16Twentieth Century is next up. Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem.Pet shop boys2:14
17There are some nice brass figures on the beginning of the next track, Indefinite Leave to Remain.Pet shop boys2:13
18The last track, Integral, is a real belter. Great dance backing; but sinister as hell in the lyrics. “If you’ve got nothing to hide / you have nothing to fear”. Now where have I heard that before?Pet shop boys2:04

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