Pet shop boys - Nightlife Interview

Pet shop boys
Pet shop boys
1For Your Own Good / “For your own good” is like an introduction to the album… That explains it.Pet shop boys0:59
2Closer to Heaven / It was written about 3 years ago… you’ve never been further awayPet shop boys2:00
3I Don't Know What You Want but I Can’t Give It Anymore / “I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it anymore” was written at Chris Difford’s studio… and you realise everyone in the world looks like that.Pet shop boys4:16
4Happiness Is an Option / “Happiness is an option” is the most recent song we’ve written… “It’s yours”Pet shop boys2:35
5You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk / It’s an unusual song for us… he’s made an LP of playing things like Debussy on it and it sounds fantastic.Pet shop boys1:49
6Vampires / “Vampires” we originally wrote about two years ago in this house we had rented… but in fact it’s just the choir all making strange noises.Pet shop boys2:01
7Radiophonic / With “Radiophonic” we decided we wanted to make an Eighties-sounding song in the vein of Patrick Cowley… so I wrote it down.Pet shop boys2:02
8The Only One / A very romantic song, with a twist… They’re ace.Pet shop boys1:47
9Boy Strange / “Boy strange” is the other song about unsuitable boyfriends… You can imagine him singing it, or, almost more, Brett from Suede singing it.Pet shop boys1:46
10In Denial / “In denial” is a duet with Kylie Minogue… We probably will.Pet shop boys2:04
11New York City Boy / We were in New York to work with David Morales and I was there a week early… “that’s the bomb”.Pet shop boys3:43
12Footsteps / We were writing a song and this was the best bit of it so we just concentrated on this bit… It understands both points of view.Pet shop boys1:46

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