Phil Collins - Profiled!

Phil Collins
Phil Collins
1Phil Collins ProfilePhil Collins25:02
2Hey, I'm Phil Collins And You're Listening To The Hottest Station In The NationPhil Collins0:04
3Hi, I'm Phil Collins, And This Has To Be The Silliest Show I've Ever HeardPhil Collins0:03
4Hello, Phil Collins Here Reminding You To Have A Great Holiday Weekend, But Please Don't Drink And Drive, And By The Way, Keep The Radio Tuned Right HerePhil Collins0:07
5Hey, This Is Phil Collins Here And When You Want To Hear The Hits, Lock It Right HerePhil Collins0:03
6Hello, This Is Phil Collins And You're Listening To A Truly Electrifying D.J.Phil Collins0:03
7Hello, I'm Phil Collins And You Are Listening To An Electrifying Morning Show, So Wake UpPhil Collins0:04
8Hello, Phil Collins Here And Here's An Idea. Why Don't You Guys Take A Break For A Few Minutes And Let Me Sing A Song, Hmmm, Yes, HmmmPhil Collins0:05
9Although You've Been Constantly In The Public Eye Producing And Playing With Other Artists And Apperaring At Fund Raising Benefits, This Is Your First Solo Album In 5 Years. How Do You Feel About That?Phil Collins1:04
10Tell Us About The Title Of The Album And The First Single "Another Day In Paradise"Phil Collins2:06
11How Did You Get David Crosby To Sing On The Album?Phil Collins1:23
12How Do You Write Songs? ("Hang On Long Enough")Phil Collins0:48
13Tell Us How You Approached The Vocals On ...But SeriouslyPhil Collins0:49
14Tell Us About "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven"Phil Collins1:08
15Tell Us About "Colours"Phil Collins0:48
16Who Is Playing Guitar On "Wish It Would Rain Down"?Phil Collins1:01
17How Do You Feel About Musicians Sampling Your Drum Sound?Phil Collins1:04
18Do You Have Any Plans To Tour In Support Of ...But Seriously?Phil Collins1:24
19Tell Us About Your Work With The Prince's TrustPhil Collins2:03

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