Victoria Beckham - Generic Interview CD

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham
1Are We About To Discover Who Victoria Beckham Really Is?Victoria Beckham0:43
2What's The Title Of Your Solo Album?Victoria Beckham0:17
3Did You Consider Any Other Titles?Victoria Beckham0:15
4Why Did You Wait Until Now To Go Solo?Victoria Beckham1:06
5How Long Ago Did You Start Work On This Album?Victoria Beckham0:47
6Has Victoria Left Posh Spice Behind?Victoria Beckham0:41
7How Much Of Your Real Life Is Reflected In This Album?Victoria Beckham0:29
8Where Have The Ideas For The Songs Come From?Victoria Beckham1:00
9So Did It Mean Spending A Lot Of Time Away From Home?Victoria Beckham0:27
10Why Was It So Vital To Get That American Input?Victoria Beckham0:27
11How Did You Pick Your Producers And Co-Writers?Victoria Beckham0:39
12Tell Us About The Previous Work Of Your Producers And WritersVictoria Beckham0:40
13What Was It Like To Work In The Studio By Yourself?Victoria Beckham1:01
14So Does This Carry On From Where The Spice Girls Left Off?Victoria Beckham0:30
15How Has This Solo Project Tested Your Vocal Talents?Victoria Beckham0:50
16How Important Was It For You To Move Away From The Synthesized Sound Of Last Year's 'Out Of My Mind' Hit?Victoria Beckham0:37
17But There Still Is Some Vocoder On The Album Isn't There?Victoria Beckham0:24
18Why Did You Do Your Own Backing Vocals?Victoria Beckham0:27
19There's A Very Positive Feel To This Album...Victoria Beckham0:32
20Who Decided That 'Not Such An Innocent Girl' Should Be The First Single?Victoria Beckham0:30
21Tell Us About The Video...Victoria Beckham1:06
22How Important Is The Dance Element In Your Overall Performance?Victoria Beckham0:45
23Where Did The Song 'That Kind Of Girl' Come From?Victoria Beckham1:05
24Tell Us About 'A Mind Of Its Own'...Victoria Beckham0:19
25Let's Move On To 'Midnight Fantasy'...Victoria Beckham0:40
26Why Did You Record 'Midnight Fantasy' In Sweden?Victoria Beckham0:32
27Whose Experience Inspired 'Like That'?Victoria Beckham0:27
28Why Didn't You Put Last Year's Hit With The True Steppers On This Album?Victoria Beckham0:41
29I See You Worked Again With Dane Bowers On The Track 'Girlfriend'...Victoria Beckham0:49
30A Little Musical Tribute Finds Its Way Into 'Every Part Of Me'...Victoria Beckham0:39
31How Does David Feel About Being The Subject Of Two Love Songs On The Album?Victoria Beckham0:39
32How Far Do You See This Project As The Relaunch Of Victoria Beckham?Victoria Beckham0:52
33Can You Ever Escape The Public Eye?Victoria Beckham0:28
34Of Course People Do Have Access To Your Virtual Home...Victoria Beckham1:21
35What Is Your Website Address?Victoria Beckham0:30
36Are You Still Considering An Acting Career?Victoria Beckham1:02
37Are You At All Nervous About How The Media Will Receive The Album?Victoria Beckham0:51
38Are You At All Worried That The Spice Bubble Might Have Burst?Victoria Beckham0:47
39Do You Keep In Touch With The Other Girls When You Are Not Working Together?Victoria Beckham0:41
40What Does The Future Hold For The Spice Girls?Victoria Beckham0:28
41And For You Personally, What's Next?Victoria Beckham0:32

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