Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Interview CD

Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Clan
1How Did The Wu-Tang Clan First Get Together?Wu-Tang Clan0:49
2Is There A Philosophy Behind The Band's Name?Wu-Tang Clan0:44
3How Did You Come Up With The TItle Of The First Album "Enter The 36 Chambers..."?Wu-Tang Clan0:47
4What Role Does Each Member Play In The Wu-Tang Clan?Wu-Tang Clan0:35
5Who Are The Extended Members Of The Clan?Wu-Tang Clan0:55
6What Is The Title Of The New Album And The Philosophy Behind It?Wu-Tang Clan0:55
7Can You Explain The Concept Behind Your Upcoming Album?Wu-Tang Clan1:08
8Besides You, The RZA, Who Is Involved Production Wise?Wu-Tang Clan1:03
9What Inspires And Motivates You As A Producer And As A Lyricist?Wu-Tang Clan0:56
10How Do You Create Your Music / Lyrics For Wu-Tang?Wu-Tang Clan1:27
11In How Far Are You Involved In The Packaging Of Your New Album?Wu-Tang Clan1:37
12What Does The Logo Mean To You?Wu-Tang Clan0:36
13What's Your Creative Input In Wu-Wear, Your Clothing Line?Wu-Tang Clan0:23
14How Would You Describe Wu-Tang's Vision For The Future?Wu-Tang Clan0:42
15Can We Expect Another Album From Wu-Tang As An Entity?Wu-Tang Clan0:17
16Tell Us About The Next Upcoming Wu-Tang Projects / Solo AlbumsWu-Tang Clan0:53
17Have You Thought About Making Movies In The Future?Wu-Tang Clan1:09
18How Does The Wu-Tang Clan Stand Out From Other Groups And What Is The Key To Your Success?Wu-Tang Clan2:23
19WU Stage Shows / Entertainment / The Dirty Way Of LifeWu-Tang Clan7:02

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