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X-ecutioners The
X-ecutioners The
1X-Men Doctrine And Declaration: Target = 40:40:11N, 73:56:38WX-ecutioners The1:30
2General P. Counterintelligence: Target = 37:47:36N, 122:33:17WX-ecutioners The0:40
3¡Get Up, Punk! 0200 Hrs. (Joint Special Operations Task Force)X-ecutioners The3:38
4Roc Raida: Riot Control Agent/Combat Stress ControlX-ecutioners The2:05
5Improvised Explosive Device 0300 Hrs.X-ecutioners The0:36
6¡Vaqueros Y Indios! (Joint Special Operations Task Force)X-ecutioners The1:52
7Precision Guided Needle-Dropping And Larynx Munitions (Pgndlm)X-ecutioners The1:55
8Duelling Banjo Marching DrillX-ecutioners The1:54
9Battle Hymn Of The Technics RepublicX-ecutioners The1:11
10¡Fire In The Hole! 0400hrs. (Joint Special Operations Task Force)X-ecutioners The2:14
11Convulsive Antidote For Nerve Agent Autoinjector (Canaa)X-ecutioners The0:43
12Modified Combined Obstacle Overlay (Mcoo)...Or..."How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Turntables)X-ecutioners The2:41
13Surprise Swing Insurgency/Tabla And Tongue Twist Counterattack/"Dragon Seeks Path"X-ecutioners The3:41
14¡Kamikaze! 0500hrs. ("Take A Piece Of Me")X-ecutioners The2:16
15"We'll Paint This Town"--Throat And Phonograph Fire Support Coordination Measures (Tpfscm)X-ecutioners The1:40
16Imitative Electromagnetic Deception (Ied)/Digital Nonsecure Voice Terminal (Dnvt)X-ecutioners The0:21
17A.W.O.L. Block Party Brawl 0600hrs.X-ecutioners The1:50
18Eastside Multichannel Tactical Scratch Communications (Emtsc)X-ecutioners The1:41
19¡Pimps Up, Aces High! 0700 Hrs. (Westside Swashbuckling Parade)X-ecutioners The1:28
20Warcry/Infrared R'n'b Hallucination/Jungle Operations Exfiltration SystemX-ecutioners The3:02
21L.O.L.--!Loser On Line! (Hate The Player, Hate The Game)X-ecutioners The3:34
22Low Altitude Vocal Parachute Extraction System (Lavpes)X-ecutioners The1:04
23Battle Damage Assessment And Repair/White Flag Surrender/"Wake Me Up In Heaven"X-ecutioners The4:52

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